how do use the ak-47 (counter strike)

If u are using the ak in counter strike frist u need to know the 3 ways how to fire number 1 u can tap firing which means u fire one bullet at a time but u wait a little before u fire the next bullet.The secound way is to brust fire which mean u fire 3 to 2 bullets at a time and the same thing as number 1 u wait a little before u fire again. This… (阅读全文)

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counter srike 1.6

hi im going to teach u how to use the AWP.If u use the AWP this writing will mean nothing to u so……ya The AWP is a one shot kill anywhere:head , body ,arms ,and sometimes legs.if your enemy has low hp then in the legs will work but if your enemy has full hp then u will need 2 shot kill. If u want to kill somebody with a AWP for long range or … (阅读全文)

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