The tribute

      I stand before you today, the representative of a family in grief, in a country in mourning, before a world in shock. We are all united, not only in our desire to pay our respects to Diana, but rather in our need to do so, because such was her extraordinary appeal that the tens of millions of people taking part in this serv… (阅读全文)

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let the world be proud for us!

In Earth’s northern side, Asia’s eastern part, Pacific Ocean’s West bank, some beautiful place, here is our hometown, here is our homeland, this is our great motherland - mother, is she, with ya already the milk, cultivated the myriad hero, was she, has given us the black eye, enabled us to go out the light from darkness, was she, has given me th… (阅读全文)

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Create value –You Find Brand Building!

Brand building is an important part of any business. With correct brand building, a brand can develop its identity and worth.  If you are contemplating about building your brand through online marketing, it is important to know that a great deal of time and resources are required to make that happen. In a world that is intensely competitive,… (阅读全文)

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My one true friend

A true friend is always there for you ohmykids. A person who will help, with all your problems. The one whom you can trust, With all your secrets. And the one who cheer you up when you are lonely rex tso. That is a friend. I want to meet. I do not know, if he’s a boy or a girl. but I always believe that I will find my one true friend POLA White S… (阅读全文)

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Perenial Realm of Happiness

The world is a large stage where all things are possible if you strive and brave to stand thepainful trials and errors. Generally everyone enjoys the equal oppotunities to realise his or her self worth as long as we tap our potential in accordance with morality and just laws. However it’s actually not that fair for each of us as far as some occur… (阅读全文)

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The Road to Success

It is well that young men should begin at the beginning and occupy the most subordinate positions travel industry statistics.Many of the leading businessmen of Pittsburgh had a serious responsibility thrust upon them at the very threshold of their career.They were introduced to the broom,and spent the first hours of their business lives sweeping … (阅读全文)

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What Is Immortal

To see the golden sun and the azure sky, the outstretched ocean Mercedes SUV, to walk upon the green earth, and to be lord of a thousand creatures , to look down giddy precipices or over distant flowery vales, to see the world spread out under one’s finger in a map, to bring the stars near, to view the smallest insects in a microscope, to read hi… (阅读全文)

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