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2016年11月3日雅思考试解析与范文(一): city and town

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Task:Many towns and cities constructed in previous centuries are suitable for life at that time, and cause many problems today. Describe the problems it may cause and give the possible solution.

Sample answer:
Many cities and towns built a few hundred years ago have become obsolete now, no matter how brilliant they used to be, for they are no longer suitable for life today.

In my view, these cities and towns may cause three kinds of problems. At the basic level, they can no longer provide satisfactory conditions for our modern existence. A bit more than 100 years ago, people did not use buses or cars, so the city did not have broad streets; people did not travel by train or airplane, so the city was not equipped with any railway station or airport; most people shopped in the stores near their homes, so the city did not have to have shopping malls or supermarkets. As more and more people rush into urban areas, the city has expanded with the population, and modern urban people would find themselves unable to survive without the broad streets, the train, the airplane and the supermarket. Meanwhile, cities and towns built centuries ago do not have enough entertainment and sports facilities available to contemporary city dwellers who, relieved of the manual labor by the technological advances, suddenly find they have a great amount of free time. For example, these cities and towns are not likely to have 3-D or IMAX movie theaters for movie fans, or huge stadiums for sports fans. Consequently, people may find their life in such cities and towns are most boring and tedious. Finally, the cities and towns constructed long time ago cannot possibly have anticipated the negative effects of environmental issues brought over by our modern life, so they usually have residence area, industrial area and business area all mixed up without separating them. This is, of course, unbearable to our urban life style today.

While the century-aged cities and towns may carry much cultural and historical value, they must be re-constructed in the interest of people living in them today. The city infrastructure must be reshaped and include such facilities as shopping centers, sports stadiums, wide streets and pavements and provide services like metro, train, and airplane. And to minimize the unfavorable effects of modern life on urban populace, the cities and towns should be set the areas apart by their respective functions.
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