Wifi VAS6154 VAG diagnostic tool VS VAS5054 remote diagnostic interface

Let’s go to compare Wifi VAS 6154 and Bluetooth VAS5054A in the aspects of communication way, vehicle compatibility, Firmware built, remote programming and compatible ODIS 4.13 . Wifi VAS 6154 compare with VAS5054A : The differences: 1) Communication way: VAS 6154a communicate via USB,Wifi VAS5054a communicate via USB, bluetooth 2)… (more…)

YH BMW FEM Key Program Blade Key

Here several YH BMW F Series CAS4+/FEM Blade Key 315MHZ / 433MHZ in different colors, they are working together with YH BMW FEM key programmer, YH D3, CKM100 and other tools which can program and reset BMW key. Features: 1. Able to read and write key unlimitedly & repeatedly 2. Support FEM models with original non-blade keys. 3. Add… (more…)


Top 4 reasons to get VCX NANO PRO 3 In 1: 1. It is the only one VXDIAG VCX Nano which can add other software on one machine,this default software are GM Ford Mazda Volvo 3 in 1.You can pay to add other car models software i.e VW/HONDA/TOYOTA/JLR. 2. The authorization fees for each car model: Toyota or VW or Ford or Mazda or JLR or Volvo or G… (more…)

How to Use SKP1000 key programmer work for Maserati Ghibli Step by Step

EXPENRIENCE OF SKP-1000 KEY PROGRAMMER WORK FOR 2014 MASERATI GHIBLI SMART KEY PROGRAM Skp1000 key programmer cover more car key programming than SuperOBD skp-900, Skp-1000 Skp1000 key programmer also support Maserati Key programming. Here obdtools.net share how to use the SKP1000 key programmer work for Maserati Ghibli step by ste… (more…)

CGDI Prog Key Programmer read BMW CAS3 ISN by OBD

Connect CGDI Prog key programmer with laptop and vehicle (shown as picture below) Open CGDI Prog software on desktop Select BMW Read DME ISN function Click on Read CAS ISN Reading data Please remove the key from the ignition The CAS ISN data was read successfully. (more…)

Yanhua BMW-FEM F-series Car OBD Key Programmer

Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer is the advanced tool for BMW F-chassis FEM system key programming by OBD. Supports online update and offline operation , safe and stable, easy to operate, it is for FEM vehicles till 2017 Top 4 Reasons To Get Yanhua BMW-FEM Key Programmer: 1. Update Online 2. Supports offline operation, safe and stable, eas… (more…)

Launch x431 easydiag plus fix 2007 E550 4matic errors on ESP ABS SRS speedtronic

2007 E550 4matic has lots errors on ESP ABS SRS speedtronic etc. Which diagnostic tool to use and how to troubleshoot? Go on reading below parts. Car model and year: 2007 E550 4matic Errors: Over the last few weeks I’ve been getting a random “esp inoperative” warning. It doesn’t come on every time I drive the car and it’s usually off after r… (more…)

SKP1000 clé programmeur vs.SuperOBD SKP 900

SKP-1000  gains in capacities !!!  -> SKP 900  key programmer supports auto programming key ONLY !  -> SKP 1000 key programmer supports auto programming key + special functions ! SKP 1000  gains in immobilization !!!  -> memory Erase&… (more…)


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