How to update original Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 scanner

Here is a step-by-step update instruction of original Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 4 system/full system diagnostic scan tool. Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 4 system Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 full system This function allows you to update the scan tool software through a computer. How to register Autel Elite MD802 scanner? User would update … (more…)

WHEEL UP 2500/2000mAh usb rechargeable battery mini bicycle front lights cycling flashlight 4 modes

WHEEL UP 2500/2000mAh usb rechargeable battery mini bicycle front lights cycling flashlight 4 modes 1. Wide floodlight about 85°, 2nd generation bright XPG beads. 2. USB rechargeable built-in battery. 3. IPX3 waterproof 4. LED backlight botton 5. 2500mAh battery USB rechargable,for V9C400, 2000mAh for V9C200, handlebar cl… (more…)

OBDSTAR X300M change KM on 2008 Porsche Cayenne

In this article OBDTOOLS enginner will share the experience of how to change KM on Porsche Cayenne 2008 by OBDSTAR X300M Miobdstar-x300m-odometer. The device you need: OBDSTAR X300 Odometer Adjustment Tool. X300M Change KM for Cayenne 2008 Procedure(Below picture show the mileage before adjusting 234574km ) STEP 1: Connect OBDSTAR X300M… (more…)

Why does SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer replace SKP900 key pro?

Topic:What is SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer & how does it work?   What is SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer? SKP1000 Tablet Auto Key Programmer, English version of Lonsdor CI600 Plus,perfectly Replaces SKP900 Key Programmer. Performs immobilizer, mileage adjustment, remote controller, Oil/service Reset, throttle body adjustmen… (more…)

How to Program DAF keys with FVDI2, VCI Lite or VCI 560

There are three optional solutions of programming a DAF key using different DAF diagnostic tools/key programmers (FVDI2, VCI Lite (V1), VCI 560), which may help make keys in a cost-effective method. Option I: Flyobd FVDI2 DAF commander:  It’s the cheapest way to program a DAF key with FVDI2 commander. How to making a DAF key with F… (more…)

Icarscan diagnostic adapter – a must tool for small automotive repair shop

I am looking for a working cheap diagnostic maintenance tool, which is allowed me to add any car brands / add special functions as my will. So Icarscan diagnostic adapter is such a must tool,  to have any 5 car brands + 3 kinds of special functions, in this personalized customization times, Icarscan does a great job, it is very use… (more…)

Gaciron 5000mAh 1600 lumens usb rechargeable battery mini bicycle front lights cycling flashlight

Features: 1. Wide floodlight about 125°. 2. USB rechargeable built-in battery. 3. IPX6 waterproof 4. Silicone waterproof botton 5. 5000mAh battery USB rechargable, handlebar clip 6. 5 flash mode 7. Aerospace aluminum alloy 6063 body. 8. Size: 118mm * 53mm*32.5mm. 9. Can be acted as power bank.   (more…)

Wifi VAS6154 VAG diagnostic tool VS VAS5054 remote diagnostic interface

Let’s go to compare Wifi VAS 6154 and Bluetooth VAS5054A in the aspects of communication way, vehicle compatibility, Firmware built, remote programming and compatible ODIS 4.13 . Wifi VAS 6154 compare with VAS5054A : The differences: 1) Communication way: VAS 6154a communicate via USB,Wifi VAS5054a communicate via USB, bluetooth 2)… (more…)

YH BMW FEM Key Program Blade Key

Here several YH BMW F Series CAS4+/FEM Blade Key 315MHZ / 433MHZ in different colors, they are working together with YH BMW FEM key programmer, YH D3, CKM100 and other tools which can program and reset BMW key. Features: 1. Able to read and write key unlimitedly & repeatedly 2. Support FEM models with original non-blade keys. 3. Add… (more…)


Top 4 reasons to get VCX NANO PRO 3 In 1: 1. It is the only one VXDIAG VCX Nano which can add other software on one machine,this default software are GM Ford Mazda Volvo 3 in 1.You can pay to add other car models software i.e VW/HONDA/TOYOTA/JLR. 2. The authorization fees for each car model: Toyota or VW or Ford or Mazda or JLR or Volvo or G… (more…)