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说话 因为有了奇妙的网络 因为有了舌头 口总也不愿沉默 人人都在努力说话 废话,错话, 嫉妒伤害的话…… 话中的能量,常常不情愿悄然竖了敌 口中所说的 有时侯 人实在自己不知

我也有舌头 我也有口 愿暗处的神看护我的魂 总在诚实里开口 总在良心里说话 让话里不期然的拳头只对空气 让话里莫名的箭矢没有目的 愿话里有粮食于人于己都有益

The speaker Translated by Steven Li

Because there is the wonder of internet, Because there is the wonder of the tongue, The speaker will not want to be silent. Everyone is trying their best to speak, Useless speech, wrongful speech, using words of jealousy and hatred….. There are power in words, often misused to make enemies This is the result of people’s misused speech

I have a tongue I can also speak Hoping that God will watch over me; Always speaking within the boundary of honesty Always speaking in the lights of compassion Let the target of the misguided fist within words be towards air Let the sharp tip of the sword within words to be purposeless Let us hope that there will be food in words that benefit all human kind.

+or second and third line can be replaced by the following 2 lines Let air be the target of the misguided fist within words Let purposeless be the direction of the sword within these words

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2 條評論

  1. 2009年8月26日 11:27zhangblue

    博主是个善良的人。 及时说错话伤人也会被神原谅^__^

  2. 2009年8月30日 10:34滴水恩

    谢谢你的 赞美!