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Posted by 三白 on 11 十一月 2012 | Tagged as: 时政 (全局), Blogroll

(一) 在每周例行的政治学习会上,唐僧面色沉重。 “徒弟们,同学们!我们的面前,又多了一个凶恶的妖怪。她就是三W山的蜘蛛精。这只蜘蛛修炼千年成精,炼成一张无域网。此网妖气十足,一旦沾染便沉溺其中不能自拔,直至精血耗尽而亡。徒弟中就有人中了无域网的毒!”唐僧的目光停在了八戒脸上。 八戒不禁脸红。那个无域网确是迷煞人。八戒最喜欢的就是美食区和美女区。这是他… (阅读全文)

Most thankful moment in one year

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Thanksgiving is coming soon. I will bring mom and dad to St. Paulin to have our Thanksgiving at a cottage with panda. Many people will talk about the most thankful moment in one year. What would be mine? Well, I know exactly what my most thankful moment is in the past year. It was before Canada Day. My parents and I talked about where to visit on… (阅读全文)

Dignity and Rights

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Share: Hillary Clinton’s United Nations Speech - LGBT Rights I just hope more people will watch it. I’d like to use my blog space as a channel to spread the message, even if only five more people watch it. If you will, please share it with your friends, your parents, your colleagues. Thank you. (阅读全文)


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这是一个时代,我们被侮辱,我们被践踏,我们被逮捕。 这是一个时代,我们出柜,我们抗争,我们相爱。 这是哈维·米尔克的时代。 ——题记 哈维·米尔克,一个在中国鲜为人知的名字。今天我要讲述的,就是他和他那个时代的故事。 哈维生于1930年5月22日纽约州长岛的一个犹太家庭。高中时代,他是一个广受欢迎的运动健将。大学毕业后他参加了美国海军,退役后他来到华尔街,成为了… (阅读全文)