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You know they’re coming: Those seemingly unanswerable questions that pop up during job interviews. 你知道该来的总会来:那些看起来无法回答的问题总会在求职面试的时候突然冒出来。

You can’t clam up. And you don’t want to stutter and stammer. So what’s a job seeker to do? 你不想一声不吭,也不想结结巴巴。那么,一个求职者应该怎么做呢?

The ‘Future’ Question 关于“将来”的问题

Otherwise known as the “big picture” question, the future question goes something like this: “Where do you see yourself in five years?” 除了那些“宏观的”问题之外,关于未来的问题总是像这样的:“你觉得五年后你会在什么位置上?”

The best tactic: Talk about your values. 最好的策略:谈论你的价值观。


show_a4_zone(”Z4″); Don’t get too detailed about your specific career plan. Instead, discuss things that are important to you professionally and how you plan to achieve them. If growth is a goal, mention that. You can also talk about challenge, another value that employers prize in their employees. 不要把你的职业规划说的太详细。取而代之的是,谈论一些在职业方面对你很重要的事情以及你打算怎样实现这些。如果成长是一个目标,可以提一下。你还可以说说挑战,这是雇主在员工身上很重视的一点。

The ‘Salary’ Question 关于“薪水”的问题

Most people will tell you that whoever answers this question first loses. But that’s not necessarily true. 大多数人都会告诉你谁最先回答这个问题谁就输了。但也不一定是真的。

When an interviewer asks your salary requirement, try first to gently deflect the question by inquiring about the salary for the position. 如果以为雇主问你待遇要求,首先试试打个擦边球,问问这个职位的薪水是多少。

If the interviewer presses you for a number, give a range. To decide on a range, think about the salary you want, your salary at your most recent position and the industry-standard salary for the job. 如果面试官一定让你说个数字,给个范围。决定这个数字的时候,考虑一下你想要的薪水,你最近一份工作的薪水以及这份工作的普遍行情。

The bottom line: The salary question is one of the most important, so you should prepare for it in advance and plan what to say. 底线原则:薪水问题是最重要的问题之一,所以你应该事先准备打算好要怎么回答。 The ‘Why’ Question 关于“为什么”的问题

There’s a fine line between boastful and confident. And you need to learn it. 在自负和自信之间有一条线,你需要知道这条线在哪。

When an interviewer asks you why they should hire you, you’re going to have speak confidently and honestly about your abilities. But you should avoid sounding overly boastful. 当一位面试官问到为什么他们应该雇用你,你需要自信并诚实的说出你的能力。但是你应该避免给人感觉太自负。

Aim for earnest and prepare by practicing. That’s right: Stand in front of the mirror and acknowledge your abilities and accomplishments to your reflection. Tell yourself: I have a very strong work ethic. I have integrity. I have excellent industry contacts. I aggressively pursue my goals. 力争做到诚挚,并且事前练习。这样做是对的:站在镜子前面,对着镜子中的自己说出自己的能力和成就。告诉自己说:我职业道德感很强。我很正直。我有良好的行业资源。我追求进取。

It’s sometimes hard to praise yourself, but after a few sessions you’ll sound sincere. 自我表扬有时候是比较难,不过经过一个阶段后,你听起来会很真诚。

The Seemingly Silly Question 看上去很傻的问题

If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? What if you were a car? Or an animal? 如果你是一棵树,你想成为哪种树?如果是辆车呢?或者是一种动物?

These type of questions can bring your interview to a screeching halt. 这种问题可能会给你的面试来个急刹车。

First, don’t panic. Pause and take a deep breath. Then remind yourself that there’s no “right” answer to these questions. The job isn’t hinging on whether you choose to be a spruce versus an oak. 首先,别惊慌。停下来做个深呼吸。然后提醒自己说这些问题没有所谓的“正确答案”。工作的关键不在于你选择了云杉而不是橡树。

Interviewers usually ask these questions to see how you react under pressure and how well you handle the unexpected. It’s not so important what type of tree (or car, or animal) you choose as that you explain your choice in a way that makes you look favorable. 面试官通常问这些问题是为了看看你在压力下如何反应,如何处理意料之外的情况。你选择哪种树(或者汽车、或者动物)不是很重要,你解释你做出的选择的方式会让人更接受你。

So, be a spruce — because you want to reach new heights in your career. Or be an oak — because you plan to put down roots at the company. Either way, you’ll get it right. 所以,做棵云杉吧,因为你希望能在职业生涯中抵达新的高度。或者做一棵橡树,因为你想在公司里扎根。无论哪一种,你都是对的。

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