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How the Canadian government is too fat to move, but Toronto, through extreme fitness, can save the country, and itself, from corruption and a Great Crash

Canada is a beautiful and peaceful nation, and one of the best places in the world to live. The image we present to the world is excellent, unless people experience dealing with our federal and local governments. There are too many taxes in Canada and in the G.T.A., too many fees, and too much government waste. We have a great deal of problems–political, economic, and social–and most of the reasons for this can be traced to a lack of real leadership on every level.

While Canada and Toronto both used to be among the world’s glories, as time has gone on, its governmental bodies have grown too big, too old, and too out-of-shape. Our citizens have grown to hate our governments and our politicians. There is no question that most Canadians can agree on this statement: we deserve better leaders. We need real leaders and true leadership, and not any more “talking show only” politicians!

I am hardly the only one who sees the serious problems in our political, financial, legal and medical systems, where we usually get only empty words and promises, but no responsibility, accountability, or wise actions (other than endless increases in taxes and fees.) I would be a real leader for Toronto; one who would bring real changes to this city and to all of Canada, so we can save both from corruption and monetary disaster.

A classic example of how much the average Canadian and Torontonian has been let down by its politicians and civil servants was the G20 meetings of several months ago: that international gathering was supposed to be an opportunity to increase awareness of our wonderful city and country; to attract new tourism; to showcase us to the world. We held the world stage for several days, and what we got was cars in flames and poorly-handled crowds and multiple arrests (nearly all of the latter seeing their charges soon dropped.)

If I, Weizhen Tang, am elected, I would show true leadership and bring real changes to our city government: to make it efficient, effective, reliable, responsible, and accountable, and to boost our economy, so that both businesses and investors can thrive once more. To invest Canadian pension funds to work for the local and nation-wide economies first. To reduce and eliminate personal income tax. My goal is to mobilize, utilize, and energize all the tens of thousands new immigrants to immediately become positive forces for all of our economies, national and local.

Toronto is the best place to start putting our current government on a plan of “extreme fitness.” We have waited far too long to see a truly democratic, free, wealthy city; one of which we can all be proud. Former Mayor Lastman had the right idea, as a successful entrepreneur, who suggested that all city councilors be from the business world, and not merely “talk show” stars. Toronto is a world-class commercial centre, financial centre, and the economic centre of all of Canada. We need someone who can be a true entrepreneur, both in his past, and for the future success of this great city.

Who is Weizhen Tang?

Before a hostile government, police, and a deeply-flawed securities commission conspired to destroy both my name and his business, I, Weizhen Tang, was the most prominent community leader in our hundreds-of-thousands-strong Chinese community. I had lived in this wonderful city for nearly two decades, making major contributions to not only Toronto but all of Canada, as an immigrant who paid millions of dollars of commissions and fees to the financial industry, and helped bring to tens of millions of dollars for our citizens, mobilizing our people and activating our economy. I am the one who can combine political wisdom, insight, and experience, with the financial expertise which Toronto and Canada need.

I was born in Hunan, China, an area which produced the highest number of quality political leaders in that giant country’s history. I emigrated to Canada as a graduate student in biology at the University of Waterloo, and since then, have worked consistently and effectively, co-founding two non-political, non-profit organizations, led a well-known entrepreneurship association, and, later, ran a famous Wealth Club which raised 60 million dollars in three years from accredited investors, businessmen and businesswomen from all over the world. As a leader in the world of finance, I have the potential to create tens of billions of dollars in wealth for both individuals and institutions, if I had the opportunity to create good, business-oriented government. I have been a valuable political and public figure in both Canada and China, and long to be an even greater asset to Toronto and all of this great country.

I know how to organize things far better than all of our present mayoralty candidates put together. I created and led Chinese New Year Festivals for three years in a row, and in April, 2008, I organized a rally in Ottawa that received huge and positive response, and had great social effects. In 2009, I put together a North American Chinese Wealth Summit, held at the Toronto Convention Centre on Front Street, which was impressive and powerful, and far better received that the disastrous G20!

How I would run this city differently from other prospective mayors

A truly successful political leader should be able to understand people and know how capital works, so he (or she) knows how to allocate resources effectively; foresee possible problems and how to fix them. I believe that Toronto needs someone like me as its leader and mayor, as I know and understand this excellent, but deeply flawed city very well. It is my dream and desire to be the best mayor that this city has ever had; someone who will finally make this city the best place in Canada, and in the world, to live and work. The first thing I would do as Toronto’s mayor is to get Toronto to “lose weight.” To make people compete for any leadership position. To bring dynamism, creativity, and innovations to City Hall.

The problems which Toronto faces today are because of our lack of competent leadership, too much waste, and a misunderstanding of how finances work. Our public is frustrated, longing for quality leaders and inspired leadership, and now is the time to show the world both. The true engine which can save our city and country is private business and business people, a freer economy, and freedom in general.

I, Weizhen Tang, am determined to work for everyone, from the most recent immigrant to third, fourth, and fifth generation Torontonians. We need someone who is results-oriented, and I know that I can fulfill that role, with your support and your vote.

Help elect me, Weizhen Tang, your mayor. You have been disappointed too often by your leaders, in past years. Let me bring hope and prosperity back to this potentially magnificent city.