Weizhen Tang and David Chen are Chinese scapegoats in racist police and justice actions!

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Weizhen Tang is at the Torontocourthouse today, in support of David Chen and genuine justice. “Mainstream pubs, bars can have bouncers, legally assault bar patrons. Big stores can have security guards. But small mom-and-pop Toronto citizens; hardworking, law-abiding citizens like David Chen, is charged by police and justice system officials, looking to make “example” of Mr. Chan as vigilante. “Is it some racist police and justice officials who scapegoat, Mr David Chen, because he is Chinese? Same way some Toronto police, justice officials want to use me as their scapegoat, to say they take action against ponzi schemes. ‘Look we got a ponzi scheme.’ But good people of Toronto and Canada, and the world, should ask: `Is Weizhen Tang a ponzi scheme fraudster, or is Weizhen Tang a scapegoat of racist bias by some Toronto police and justice officials`… How convenient that these possibly racist police, justice system officials are happy to prosecute wrongful, flimsy cases like Mr. David Chen, and Mr. Weizhen Tang; while mainstream, Caucasian criminals get special treatment, deals. Consider, MPP Bryant, kills a cyclist, and can avoid trial to test the facts of the case. But Chinese Canadian, Mr. Chen, who killed no one, must go to trial… Bankers, accounting firms, make false statements, false financial reports. They get bonuses, and bailouts. But Chinese Canadian, Weizhen Tang, is charged. “Remember, S.E.C., the most powerful securities regulator in the world, has effectively terminated its case against me. Yet, some Torontopolice and justice officials continue to prosecute me! “ Tang notes with a sigh. But adds, defiantly, “Is my case of fraud, prosecution because of facts; or maybe, my case is, too, racist bias persecution like in Mr. David Chen case.” Warming to the problems of the Torontoand justice system, Mr Tang adds: “And look at the Toronto police and justice system action here. Police don’t respond to repeated shoplifting calls from Mr. Chen and other law-abiding, hardworking citizens But if you call police for ticketing car, police probably run over with police car, parking enforcement officer, and tow truck, right away. Few minutes. “These are probably the same Toronto police and justice officials, who persecute now –not prosecute, but persecute me and Mr. David Chen—that make the decisions of Toronto’s G20 human rights abuse. Bias, arbitrary searching, questioning, detaining, jailing and charging of mostly law-abiding Toronto citizens! “I am innocent man waiting trial,” Tang concludes. “But rather than sit quietly, I feel compelled to speak up, against the increasing police and justice system abuse of law-abiding, hardworking, taxpayers, while police and justice officials spend millions of dollars on questionable, wrongful cases like Mr. David Chen and me!”