Chinese Warren Buffett or Chinese Bernie Madoff –Accused Ponzi, Weizhen Tang, runs for Mayor today!

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weizhen tang 2010 11 15 ad on tang internet article      Weizhen Tang’s Blog   Chinese Warren Buffett or Chinese Bernie Madoff –Accused Ponzi, Weizhen Tang, runs for Mayor today! Posted on October 25, 2010 by weizhen tang Chinese Warren Buffett or Chinese Bernie Madoff –Accused Ponzi, Weizhen Tang, runs for Mayor today! Toronto, Canada– Can he make history as Toronto’s first Chinese Mayor? Toronto Mayoral candidate Weizhen Tang, Chinese Warren Buffett or Chinese Bernie Madoff. Tang has already made history, as probably the first Mayoral candidate in Toronto to run, while charged with criminal fraud. Surprisingly, on election day in Toronto, Canada, October 25, 2010, we found Mayoral Candidate Weizhen Tang at the city of Toronto’s Old City Hall Courthouse. He was not attending one of his own hearings! –he has another hearing a few days from now, on October 27, 2010. Instead, Tang was on the steps of the Courthouse in support of David Chen, a shop owner charged with assault. Chen ran down and hog-tied a well known serial shoplifter after he stole from his store in Toronto’s Chinatown. Asked what Tang would want to say to the world today on on election day in Toronto, Tang offered the following comments: Firstly, people ask if I am the Chinese Warren Buffett, or the Chiense Bernie Madoff. Well, I say that I am the Chinese Warren Buffett. I am innocent of ponzi scheme, and I look forward to proving this in court. I raise $65 Million in 3 years. I show people how my trading gives amazing returns! But Toronto Police and Justice officials make scapegoats of David Chen and me! I fear there is even racist element to this prosection against me! This is persecution!? But, please, today. I am here in support of Mr David Chen, his case may also be racist. Police and Justice charge him for assault, an ethnic newcomer to Canada; while they make deal with the criminal, the shoplifter, to get his testimony against innocent shop owner! Also, can I say something about the election today! There is election in city of Toronto, for a new Mayor and 44 City Councillors. Please ask if people have voted. May i address the voters of Toronto directly – Have you voted today, my fellow citizens of Toronto, of the world? Please do so. Of course, I would be honoured if you voted for me, today. But I hoping you exercise your right to vote, in any case! The right to vote, is one of the most important rights that you have in Canada, in the world! It is your right, your opportunity, to better your life, that of your family, your loved ones, your community, your city, country and world! There is so much corruption, arrogance, waste, and lack of accountability by politicians and government officials, towards you, the voters, the people. This is one of my main reasons that compelled me to run for Mayor of Toronto. So that I could try to reshape the tainted ethos, actions and attitudes that is now part of so many political, corporate and community leaders! We must do something. I tried to do something through my investment wealth club, but the government and police attack me. But do not worry, I am innocent, and I promise to continue my efforts to help people. To help business owners. To help the Chinese peoples and all peoples of Toronto, Canada, China and the world. So please do vote. Together, we can truly make this world better now. Toronto voting polls close at 8:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time.  Chinese Warren Buffett or Chinese Bernie Madoff.     Ads by Google Criminal Defence Lawyers Exclusively Practicing Criminal Law Toronto and GTA (416) 924-5969