Weizhen Tang speaks out on cancellation of “Our Chinese Heart” show at Toronto Rogers Centre on Sunday, November 28, 2010

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Weizhen Tang speaks out on cancellation of “Our Chinese Heart” show at Toronto Rogers Centre on Sunday, November 28, 2010“Of course, I am disappointed and sad that ‘Our Chinese Heart’ show is cancelled,” notes Weizhen Tang, with a deep sigh.  “Because I am community leader, and organizer of several great shows and Chinese Canadian community events, many people contact me, urge me, step in, and help try to save the show!

“But, I cannot, save the show in few days only.  I make calls, emails and postings to my website, try to help save ‘Our Chinese Heart’ show.  But ‘Our Chinese Heart’ show has deep problems.”

Tang’s public statements and efforts towards the cancellation of ‘Our Chinese Hearts’ show is both praiseworthy and puzzling.  Enigmatic efforts, like Tang himself, who is often described as the “Chinese Warren Buffett or the Chinese Bernie Madoff.”  Tang is accused by the SEC and OSC of ponzi scheme fraud of $65 Million.

Tang’s cases goes to trial in 2011, so it is almost bizarre that Tang continues to call himself a community leader, and speaks about helping to organize the rescue of an ambitious Chinese Canadian show collaborating with the Chinese Government at Rogers Centre, Toronto’s high-profile domed stadium.

Tang offered this lengthy explanation, when asked about his ‘Our Chinese Heart’ rescue efforts, “I am still a Chinese Canadian community leader.  I am charged, but not convicted of crime!  I having every right, try assist any cause, especially such great cause as ‘Our Chinese Heart.’ 

“People jealous of my ability, success, who attack me now!  I organize some of top Chinese Canadian community events, Chinese New Year’s shows, my investment summit, and April 13, 2008 Rally.

“You remind people, please: Beijing 2008 Olympics.  There is much anti-China and racism against Chinese people.   So Chinese people around the world hold rallies in support of friendship between the peoples of China and world.  I lead Ottawa rally 2008, one of the most successful, largest, in the world, by any Chinese community!

“So people now ask me help try save ‘Our Chinese Heart’ show. Nothing wrong with that?!  I am honoured to be asked.  But I am also natural choice to assist! Because of success of my Chinese New Year’s shows, and Ottawa Beijing Olympic 2008 Rally!

“With cancellation of ‘Our Chinese Heart’ show, Chinese Canadian and Canadian peoples can now actually better appreciate my outstanding ability, sincerity, efforts.

Before failure of ‘Our Chinese Heart’ show, my critics laugh at me, when I cite my huge events, as evidence of my success and leadership role in Chinese Canadian community.  My critics laugh at me; say how easy to organize huge successful community event.

“Well, failure and cancellation of ‘Our Chinese Heart’ show is very sad, but the cancellation illustrate my great sincerity and ability towards the Chinese Canadian, Canadian and China peoples!  Not so easy to achieve such great success in events, as I do!”  Tang frowns. “Very sad about ‘Our Chinese Heart’ cancelled.  Hurts the Chinese community and all Chinese peoples pride.”

Tang shrugs, as he looks at the Roger’s Centre, and then at the nearby Metro Toronto Convention Centre. “You know, I do my best to give honour and pride to Chinese peoples in Canada, China, everywhere!  My Chinese New Year’s show right here, Convention Centre in  2009.  I do several years of shows, before that.  Only now in 2010, and 2011, I cannot do show because of some overzealous OSC and Metro Police officials charge me falsely with ponzi scheme.” Tang adds defiantly, “I shall be shown innocent.”

“My Chinese New Year’s show is so successful, people jealous of me.  Critics attack my shows, same they attack ‘Our Chinese Heart’ show now.  Some Chinese Canadians like Ping Tam even try to get Consul General to cancel my show.  And give the money to support Ping Tam show!  But I am honoured good Chinese Canadians and Chinese Consul General, Chinese Consulate General; and Chinese Government officials give moral support to my community efforts, my Chinese New Year’s show.  The Chinese Government and Chinese Canadian community realize my sincerity and ability.  Realize that  attacks on me, are attacks on good Chinese Canadian community!”

For minutes really, Tang had stopped talking to us, musing more to himself, about the cancellation of the ‘Our Chinese Heart’ show and his life.  His eyes had glazed over, as he stared at the Metro Toronto Convention, the venue of his own events.  His mind was probably on the memories of better times, his undeniably successful Chinese Canadian community events and his extraordinary Chinese Canadian Ottawa Rally in support of the Bejing Olympics and global friendship.

Another enigmatic moment to Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett, or the Chinese Bernie Madoff!

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