Obstruction and Perversion of Justice?

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OSC, the Crown Attorney and Judge: Obstruction and Perversion of Justice? The government made Financial Tsunami of 2008 and 2009 which harmed all investors and the public, as investors, Oversea Chinese Fund Limited partnership was losing the least, but were still affected. All investors were scared and rushed to out at that time. Governments were also rushed to find scapegoats at the same time. US found one called Bernie Madoff and Canada always wanted to follow its US leader, instead of investigating its own flaws and mistakes in the public sector and regulatory body, it went to a private business to find a target and scapegoat, once one of our 260 investors complained to the Canadian regulatory, OSC, OSC thought they found an idea scapegoat. In order to make their dream true, OSC made a motion to the court to freeze our trading accounts ( fraudster does not trade and hates to trade ) and ban me from trading and destroyed my defense on March 17, 2009 without any resistance and stop my business first temporally, then become normal and regular On March 25, 2009, all of my investors in Canada had an emergent meeting, resulted a resolution and petition as saying in the following:  

“We are clients of Weizhen Tang’s Oversea Chinese Limited Partnership Fund. Each of us has invested more than $150,000.00. The OSC’s decision to suspend Tang’s securities trading will result in total, unrecoverable loss of our investments. This is something that we cannot accept on any terms. “We believe: For the interests of the investors in Tang’s Oversea Chinese Fund, the OSC should heavily regulate and supervise Tang’s securities transactions instead of withdrawing his credentials. This will cause severe losses to us investors, and is not in the best interests of the public. We can accept the risks of investment activities, but not those of non-investment activities. In the emergent meeting, All my Investors were surprised, worried, and scared and panic because of OSC involvement and interruption. All my investors and partners wanted stop OSC wrong doing, requesting OSC to lift ban of trading and we wanted our business back and financial trading while investigating, it was right and reasonable request and it is in the investors’ interest and public interests, but in order to destroy my financial resource, defense and justice, to further strength their position, OSC charged me Ponzi fraud in court to destroy my name and reputation on June 11, 2009 before any forensic accounting and any clear evidences and OSC also used deceptive language and mean to intimidate my investors and interviewed a large number of investors, collected all private investors ‘s name and financial information and violate investors ‘s right and privacy  without their knowledge and consent and OSC also liar to government and public saying it has found a largest Ponzi scheme in the history of Canada and could fine Weizhen Tang 60 Million dollars for government, 5 million for each count so the OSC investigation team can use as much money as possible, it did waste government and taxpayers millions dollars and destroyed a private business and entrepreneurship. Even after OSC defamation and slander and libel, 4 dozes of investor requested OSC to trade on their behalf, OSC denied investors’ requests and mislead the public saying that it was investors’ interest, but it was its own interest because they made a serious mistakes and cost a lot of damages to investors, my business and my family and lives of private investors and government. As a successful businessman, I did everything reasonable, open and honest, accountable and responsible and co-operative, but I am not sophisticated in THE deceptive legal system, OSC took all my rights without my knowledge and consent. Instead of investigating me, they went to intimidate investors and public, found nothing on me, but still insist and continue its misconducts and mistakes. 

OSC ‘s wrong and unlawful charges invited all charges and attacks including police department and SEC in US.  SEC was keen and found nothing and left quickly, but Toronto police has no idea what they are doing and do not know what to investigate and how to investigated a financial crime or business, instead of finding criminal activities, they took business activities as crime activities and attacked my business and investment strategies, they try to use all OSC investigation wrong data and information  to incriminating me, a businessman  by analysis and attacking of my business practice, and conduct and strategy which was advanced and high standard in the industry. In order to make police dream of destroying private and ethnic business true, it also first isolated me from my long time business partners and investors, especially supporters to destroy my lawful business and financial resources, my legal defense, resulting of government agencies Obstruction of justice. The police also stopped my lawful business trip in Hong Kong and visiting my family, I was also  very co-operative with police voluntarily from China, but the Toronto police put me to jail on my return without real forensic accounting and any evidence and hold me there for three months, it was OSC intention to put a private businessman and small investor to jail to cover its mistakes and misconducts and to Obstruction of justice but it has no authority so OSC actively seek help from police and joined the police force and team and put me into jail illegally and unlawfully. 

I was looking for help and justice in the public and court, tried to communicate with the judge in a common way, I could not send judge an email, could not give documents to the attorney in court, could not file documents  and could  not contact my investors. The judge, Mr. Libman looked  very nice and kind first, but lied to me in several occasions and were very rude and yelled at me and mad and called my name and insulted me, saying I was foolish and stupid that how could I manage millions and run for political office, he also insulted me in court sometimes and saying I am the accused that I do not have right to defend myself like the crown attorney does at will, even I am wrongly accused, I do not have the same rights and equality as he does, He sometimes is respectful and nice to me in a deceptive way in court and gave me opportunity to speak and gave me false impressions. He said he try to protect me, the defendant, to put a media ban in court for his preliminary inquiry, when I told him that I do not need your protection and I do need public protection and I am afraid of court deception, discrimination and injustice from himself so I asked him to lift the ban twice, it was strange and understandable that both the crown attorney and judge insisted the publication ban and denied my request and rights twice. The judge also lied to me and in the court when I ask him to change the bail conditions before, he said he has no right and authority to change or vary the conditions in this court so I can have access to my finance, my partners and my investors who are my supporter so I could afford a lawyer and have a fair trial, He lie to me that I have the right of this and that, but I told him how can I have rights if I do not have money and lawyer, even a duty counsel, I do want not consent to an unfair trial but he intimidated me by calling the police to arrest me.   I did feel very uncomfortable and have difficult to communicate in court without lawyer (s), the crown attorney has two full time lawyers each and both  group of five people in the  OSC and police, it is ironic that police charges somebody like me a Ponzi, who has no lawyer and basic living and life, it is a joke that police did not find money stolen and hidden and no criminal evidences, but I have to live on welfare and could not afford a lawyer, The government does not want to admit their mistakes and misconducts and deceptions, ignore justice, forcefully destroyed my defense and play injustice and deception legal system. I am forced to look for alternative and justice since I do not have faith and confidence in the government legal system so I declared my sovereignty and claimed my rights and waved all my benefits from the government. I do not want to contract with them, Now The judge Libman told me, he could do anything to restrict me, even to arrest me and put me in jail and do not want to give me any justice and rights, but jail. He threatened me from time to time that he could do whatever he wish and it was his court and he is the judge and he is the law. He wanted the power but does not need to earn it, he can use government force and power whenever he wants.  

I wondered if he does not know business and finance, how can he tell what is wrong and what is right, the police and OSC were all wrong obviously, he was even worse, he is only in a judge position, which  does not mean he is a real judge. Mr. Libman showed his attitude and position, paper work full of opinions, attacks of an innocent people and he has subjection and prejudice, but judgment and competence, at least in my case, which is wasting time and tax money. They do not have a case and no court, but they are making cases against me, an individual and private Chinese financial businessman and my investors in general.        Where is justice? When you look for justice, you will find only corruptions and deceptions in our government court system, conflicting interests and obstruction of justice everywhere, but common senses.I brought  tens of million dollars to this country from all over the world in the material times, I raised almost 60 millions in three years, I  paid million dollar commissions a year and service fees to the industry and banks and actively traded, I was the top traders in a couple of brokerage firms, I was a header of several organizations and mobilized the communities and activated and vitalized the economy, I helped people who need help the most and never asked government for help in our business for 17 years and paid tax all the time and we help our government whenever I could, I could save the corrupted government and a fake economy and the world, but the government spent millions to destroyed us instead, harmed our business and our investors’ rights, interests and communities.    

Everything the OSC, police and judge did to me illegally and unlawfully is and will eventually destroy the legal system, called self destruction. Justice will be served only if all the crown attorney are eliminated and does not waste tax money, Judge be elected  and independent from government. 


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