A letter from a Freeman-on-the-Land

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Hello and good day! I am Robert-Arthur of the Menard Family. As a Freeman-on-the-Land I am often called upon by those in desperate need asking for help, encouragement, guidance and other types of help. Although I eschew giving legal advice, or acting as counsel, there are at times irregularities within the justice system that come to my attention and I am compelled by y faith to seek remedy for others.

Recently I met with a gentleman. He is a businessman who immigrated here from China, and was invited to this country to speak with the TPS, and was upon arrival charged. He is a private financial businessman with hundreds of partners, nine of them were not happy with their returns, and due to the volatile and mysterious markets, they lost money. Their response was to file complaints of fraud with the police.

Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done, and in this case a publication ban is apparently in place, which he does not agree with and which he feels was asked for to deny him any chance of a fair trial and to allow the people in the government to essentially steal his wealth without suffering the under the watchful eye of the public.

I have no knowledge of the details of the case, and have only read the submissions by the crown concerning the preliminary hearing. I do not wish to weigh in on the existence or not of evidence, and trust the Justice will do the right thing, and if there is sufficient cause a trial will be ordered. However if that does happen, the man must have the right and ability to defend himself, and freezing his assets, so he cannot hire a lawyer, and then denying him legal aid because he has assets, seems a perversion of justice and is so obviously unfair as to call the administration into disrepute.

Of great concern to all who care about justice is how the system is apparently being manipulated and him caught between a rock and a hard place. Due to the allegations, his funds have been frozen, thus denying him a chance to hire proper legal counsel. Because he does however have funds, he is also denied legal aid. He has also been denied the opportunity to continue working in his trade, and is being punished prior to trial and without a conviction. Thus this man is being run through the legal wringer apparently with little evidence of any wrong doing, denied proper legal representation, with the people in the prosecution hiding their actions from the public. All of this is very worrisome.

When he came to me I liked his enthusiasm and energy, and felt compelled to help him. He offered to take some of my writings and beliefs and translate them into Chinese in order to share them with the millions of Chinese speaking people who immigrated here from China, only to find a system that is in many ways worse then that which they experienced in that totalitarian communist governmental system. I of course would much prefer to be back in the bush, building my homestead and getting away from all forms of conflict and the whole debt based rat race. However as a man of faith, I must remain where my spirit leads me, and I would not feel too comfortable leaving him without securing for him proper legal help, either in the form of legal aid, or seeing his assets accessed in order to allow himself to mount at least some for of a defense.

Sincerely, Robert-Arthur: Menard Freeman-on-the-Land