An Open letter to the future Weizhen Tang’s Trial Judge

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Dear Honorable Judge 

The first time when the Toronto police charged me a fraud, Alleging I orchestrated ‘a Ponzi Scheme’ I was worried and laughing.  

What I am worried about is government racism, discrimination, power corruption, complicated legal language and legal deception and  government agent use of false and / or falsified evidences and the wrong  FORENSIC REPORT OF MR. MICHAEL de VERTEUL of OSC, I worry about government agent destruction of defense and government agent’s obstruction of justice. I  worry about my name, my reputation, my investors, my family and my community, Chinese immigrates’ image as a whole, I do worry about how to fight our government corruption, our government agents the use of false or falsified fraud evidences and force, I worried about how do my investors, my family and I to take the  railroading legal process, it is a severe punishment  before trial and how long it takes and how to clear my name and win to come back to business so I can work for my investors, communities  and our society to improve the economy and to better the world.  

What I am laughing at is that how can the police charge someone fraud when this man is so clean and antifraud, a real businessman with character and integrity, a man without any money when business is stopped, three times ‘s application for legal aid declined and a man charged with multi-million dollars’ fraud goes to court without lawyers.  

Weizhen Tang, a man made great contribution to Canada, working very hard and help people, raised 60 million dollars from all over the world to Canada in three years and paid millions’ business and service fee to trade in a year and created lot of jobs to the economy and has a great potential of managing billion dollars for investors and this society but a man has forced to live on welfare, instead of paying tax, I am laughing at police who may want to create job for themselves which could end to destroy their job and economy, police has spending and wasting taxpayers millions on my case to gain nothing because of their mistakes and I have nothing for them since I am virtually broke because of them, it cost billions of business because of  their disruption of business and economy, I am laughing how could a corrupted government fight righteous innocent people. How can an evil win goodness in a open society. I am laughing because I am positioned to turn this very negative to the very positive and win big because my goodness and influence beyond physical boundary and monetary measurement. I am going to be a real public figure in the world by this  incident and I will be big in the financial markets to help all the investors and average people and work for them, they need a real public speaker and voice to minimize real financial fraud. I am laughing because I have been moved up to the world stage and powered to fight financial fraud and fight government corruption. I am laughing at the crown attorney and police who have no financial background and knowledge will have to fight with a worldwide well known financial guru who though has no legal background in the public, it is funny and a real joke on the show. I was so anxious to have a reality show before so the public can be both educated and entertained to help the investors and public. 

Come to the reality, Weizhen Tang, a man charged a ridiculous, devastating fraud because of government agent ‘s false (or falsified ) evidences and misleading concept to the public  has cost my name, my reputation, my business, my investors and normal live, it has lasted  for more than two years now and there is no ending in sight.  

A mere word from a analyst such as Carson Block of Muddy Waters Calls TSX listed Sino-Forest Corporation ‘a Ponzi Scheme’ cost investor  more than 4 billion dollars in less than 30 days and it would be much worse, a disaster to the business and investors if it comes from government agents. There is growing interest and worrisome signs for the western supremacy people grossly and wrongly attack Chinese, Chinese name and Chinese business. Sino-Forest Corp. is OSC regulated, TSX listed Canadian owned public company, not a Chinese company, only a Chinese related Name and conduct business in China and have lot of money in the accounts. Sino-Forest Corp. is an very interesting stock to watch and study.    

According to the definition of Ponzi Scheme from Ontario Securities Commission and the crown attorney of Ontario, the whole financial system is ‘a Ponzi Scheme’. Our government is a real ‘ Ponzi Schemer’, they take advantage of all investors. According to this definition, police can charge all the financial institute and the system and can charge anyone, anytime. A Ponzi Scheme is for sure  a criminal activity which is stealing money from investors and has no real business activity and a real Ponzi schemers have no intention and ability to make money for investors.  

A mere mention of somebody ‘a Ponzi Scheme’ will be defamation and devastating to investors as a whole. It will not only destroy any businessman’s name, cost investors’ fortunes and disruption of business and economy. Our police and regulators clearly have no knowledge and no insight on financial criminal activity, In terms of fighting financial fraud, they are baby and I am a grandfather of them though I am not old in age. 

They have no idea of what is a Ponzi and how to fight any financial fraud, the new immigrated Chinese are easy targets and scapegoat aimed by some racists and real criminals. A Ponzi Scheme  was western homemade and capitalist inherited, A regulator mention it wrongly could be suicidal. I hate ‘a Ponzi Scheme’ and I am ‘a Ponzi Scheme’  fighter for almost two decade, how can I am a Ponzi Schemer? If governments are serious and real want to stop ‘a Ponzi Scheme’ crime and to protect investors, everybody will love and I love to take the job for you, for the public and for government as well and help investors free of charges and I can find of them, find real ponzi schemes and kill them to save the financial system and economy.  

OSC and police did make fatal mistake by charging me ‘a Ponzi Scheme’ a crime, it could be suicidal to them, to the institution  since all the listed and regulated companies’ accounting are questionable duo to wrong regulations and definition. We are a private company, the engine of the economy, Now they are afraid of me to have a fair defense and proper lawyers so they stop my business and finance first using deceptive legal procedures.  

A Ponzi Schemer  never makes money in the market and never show people how do they make money and never have any investment and investment return, I did huge volume of trading and I do trade and investment. A Ponzi Scheme is crime and once it is exposed it will scare investors, I am attracting to more and big investors. Once a Ponzi Schemer exposed he/she will be finished, but I will be big and better after clear my name. A Ponzi Scheme’ is a self identified process after exposed, you do not need to have a long time court to prove and any trial and restrict to trade.  

You need common sense, not legalese and terminology to prove a Ponzi Scheme’ in court. To tell you the truth, government is real ‘a Ponzi Scheme’, I am not, most financial institute is Ponzi Scheme’, I am not. A Ponzi Scheme is stealing  money from investors and public, I gave all my money to investors. I show real time trading to investors and public, ‘a Ponzi Scheme’ never show any trading. A Ponzi Scheme has big lawyers, I do not.  

The world biggest Ponzi Scheme is US dollar orchestrated by US Federal Reserve, Bernie Madoff is a outstanding student of Federal Reserve and the financial system, he  was registered and the image of the incomplete capitalist, Ponzi Schemes are everywhere in the regulated financial systems, regulation means  fraud legalized and protected, small  investors are always victims which do destroy people’s wealth and life.  I am a new capitalist and determined to fight fraud for small investors and all investors and I  am the only one who set up highest industry standards and show leadership how the capitalist should work and could save the current capitalist such as Spain and Greece and the world.  

Unfortunately, Our Police has no time and resources for the real white colar crimes, THE ONTARIO CROWN ATTORNEY’S OFFICE WITHDREW CRIMINAL CHARGES against a Toronto man accused of operating a multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme partly because the court lacks resources, CBC News has learned.

According to a report filed by a court-appointed receiver, Tzvi Erez, 43, used a series of expertly forged documents to defraud more than 70 investors of $27 million. in an email from Crown attorney Christine McGoey obtained by CBC News, the Crown said one of the reasons it decided not to pursue the case was because of the competition over trial time. but Crown attorney have lot of time, resource and fun and vast of interest to attack a prominent Chinese Warren Buffett, a fake Ponzi Scheme, a wrong case. The charges are racial and political oriented. I never have interest to run a Ponzi scheme and never knew what it was before and never falsify any documents and never lie to anybody, never cheat, I am a man with character and integrity. I am a public figure, nobody can manipulate too. The crown is not fight against Weizhen Tang, it fights against investors and people, it is not fight against crime, it is fight against business and economy, it is not for investors’ interest, it is against investors ‘s,  

Dear honorable judge, I am appealing for justice for investors and myself and for all the new immigrates, and government agents are destroying justice, not towards justice and that is why they are afraid of me to have money and have proper lawyers and a well prepared defense, I do not have the proper communications with .the crown attorney for almost two years, it hurts everybody, if you want truth and justice, ask my investors and learn yourself, all you need is for me to trade in the court, all my investors will authorize me to trade and be cheerful. 

The charges to me is by Mr. Jeff Thompson ‘s and OSC’s false and falsified evidence, by a fake witness, Jeff Thompson and a wrong forensic report of MR. MICHAEL de VERTEUL, Mr. Jee Thompson has no idea what it is Ponzi and no financial background, If you want to help investors and stop Ponzi, you have to stop OSC first and OSC should go online, OSC is home of financial fraud. Currency market and real estate markets both are booming without regulation, stock market are dying because of stupid regulation so does the economy.  

I refuse to an unfair trial without lawyers and lawyers well prepared my defense, in case, you do not have the authority to order them to vacate my case and if we have to continue my trial, it would be very embarrassment to government and its agents in the public, I do not know if that is good to me or not. 

In case of trial, I wish all the legal documents prepared both in Chinese and English in writing since my investors and my own first language is Chinese so our people know how the crown attorney and government agents are incriminating me, a Chinese and I would like to have all jury has to be Chinese to eliminate racism and discrimination so our Chinese investors ‘ interests will be protected.  I need the same number of witness and the same length of time to present myself to the jury properly. 

Because of government mistakes and improper actions, it is impossible to have fair trial, because of police defamation, all the judges have been contaminated, public has been contaminated so do the jury will be. I appeal to the court and judge stop any media ban attempt, everything has to be open to the public to clear and fix all the contamination,  Weizhen Tang ‘s case is a classic case which will lead to  financial market revolution, now or later for the people .  

Last, not the least, I would like to ask you to order the crown attorney to vacate the case and kill all charges immediately and withdraw all the invitations into slavery, the time is changing, oversea Chinese are standing up and all the new immigrates will and the public

Please ask the crown attorney govern  themselves accordingly! 

Sincerely yours, 

Weizhen Tang