How to test and prove if OSC is home of fraud

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OSC registered Sino-Forest`s fall from grace because of financial terrorists

Muddy Waters has previously attacked Chinese companies that have gone public through reverse mergers in the United States including China Media Express (CCME), Orient Paper (ONP) and RINO International (RINO).

In those cases, the stocks fell precipitously following the hedge fund`s reports, which unearthed questions about the firms` operations.

OSC cracks down on Sino-Forest

Investors’ worst fears about the Chinese forestry company came closer to reality on Friday, as the regulator halted trading of the stock and said that officers and directors committed acts which they “know or reasonably ought to know perpetuate a fraud.” The OSC order appears to support the key allegations that short seller Muddy Waters LLC made back in June. They seemed almost unbelievable at the time.

It is because of OSC registered, the investment banks, auditors and analysts who have helped Sino-Forest raise almost $3-billion on Bay St. since 2003.

The investment banks that raised money for Sino-Forest include Dundee Securities, TD Securities, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley. Ernst & Young was the auditor.

OSC’s press release and cease trade order is massive destruction weapon is grossly abuse of power.

All liquid or asset has been detroyed by financial terrorist, Mutty Water and OSC overnight. That is the OSC way of protecting investors.

How to test and prove if OSC is home of fraud

In fact, any company will fall like what sino-forest expereinced if the same procedure and protocol followed the OSC did to sino-forest, all company have accounting issue because everybody cook their own account book and give to the accounting firm to cover-up and audit. All OSC registered company use OSC and accounting and audit to defraud investors, everything OSC did is fraud, no integrity and character.

Investors should go after OSC for damages and compensations if sino-forest corp fails.

If SINO-FOREST CORP is a registered company with OSC and committed fraud for 17 years, OSC failed do their job and made investors loss, there are huge number of OSC registered companies will be fraud and OSC is the home of the fraud.

Ernst & Young has been Sino-Forest’s auditor for 8 of last 10 years.

If it is not a fraud, it is OSC destroyed and damaged the company name and reputation and make investors lose money.

Either way it is OSC `s fault and loss will have to make up by OSC and government

OSC can not just take the power from investors and credit, no risk. OSC has nothing to be proud of, but should be responsible.

I do not know why investors are so stupid who can not see the institutional crime and fraud.

All people work at OSC are lawyers to control business business people, they are anti-business and harm investors, but they lie to you and the public say they are protecting you. They make or force investors lose billion and destroy the econony. but they claim they are protecting investors.

Business need creation and innovation, but law forbid creation and innovation. You have to do eveything according the false rules, OSC force everybody to defraud to continue their business.

Bernie Madoff, The former Chairman of NASDAQ exchange and a close friends of SEC chairwoman is a classic example and character of our regulators.

To make OSC trustworth, it need to change, only business people and investors can work at OSC, not lawyers who has no common interest with investors and the public.

The current regulations are fraud and deception and manipulations of the investors and economy.

All OSC sheriffs are the same and I am laughing that you think or dream you have new Chairman who can help you.

OSC is home of fraud and investors always are victims of OSC, OSC put one as fraud as scapegoat so you think they are doing their job and trust them.

None of them have any experience in business and finance and none of them have common interest with investors. They are only come to show you that they enforce the law. In reality, they are here to mislead you and defraud you, make you think you are protected, tune on to see what I can do for you, my investors and the public. Investors lose money all because of OSC and its real fraud