An open letter to the Right Honorable Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Government of Canada

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An open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper 

Dec. 10, 2011 

Stephen Harper

The Right Honourable Prime Minister

House of Commons


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Dear the right honorable, Prime Minister Stephen Harper  I am a prominent, visionary, insightful, ambitious, private Chinese Canadian financial entrepreneur a man with character and integrity who made a great contribution to the local economy and to this lovely country, Canada, and raised 60 million dollars in three years from all over the world and positioned to raise billions if not trillions to this country and paid million dollars’ commissions to the financial industry and created lot of jobs over my 18 years’ investment career, My dream, market theory and practice will make greatest contribution to the free market, to Canada and the World and I will become the most influential and richest people in Canada and the world. I well deserve an order of Canada by the government general of her majesty  the queen because of my effort and contributions, but charged criminally so does the honorary chairman of a TSX listed public company, SINO-FOREST CORP, Allan Chan, a Hong Kong born successful entrepreneur who raised  6 billion dollars to Canada, both of us were well respected in the industry and in the minds and hearts of institutional and accredited investors.  We are new blood and the greatest assets to this country and to you, to the government and we set high standard and are real role models for the securities industry and for the financial system and the western capitalist world, not idea scapegoats for fraudulent system. We both have strong business and strong sophisticated and institutional investors support, but Ontario Securities commission (OSC ) are shamelessly shocking the world that they found Chinese entrepreneurs who are running Ponzi schemes which not only  harm investors, make us cry, but also laugh, they use opinions, not evidences which does not make any sense except to fool the government and the public since the staffs  of Ontario Securities commission never made money from financial markets and know nothing about the financial market and business.   They also use false evidences, deceptive means and abused power to fool the public and to destroy business and harm investors, which made investors lost billion dollars overnight.  These incidents are very unfortunate and great risk to investors but also a great social indications, it may be an opportunity  and gifts for you and us to prove how current regulators kill jobs, economy and fail the system and why you need to change. You are visionary and the one in power and you are the one who could use our cases as classic and examples and make change and make history not only in Canada, but also the world in the time of economic and financial crisis today,  Be the greatest leader, to lead the world.  The reason I am writing to you is that I see you have the desire, potential and the power that you could make the change we need badly in this country and the world when you were acting on David Chen’ s case, it is the law that protect criminals not business and citizens, you saw the problems in our society and legal system and you want to change and want to lead and you did. People in this country see that you want to help business and people without racism, people also saw you do not want to help the criminals and you work hard to change the law if necessary, You are honest, frank and powerful to the people and the country.  According to the definition and practice of Ontario Securities Commission, the Canadian financial industry and securities markets are Ponzi schemes, it is true there are lot of fraudulent practices in the financial market and legal system . The big problem and task for you is to change the fraudulent system which I think is designed by the criminals and for the criminals and harmful to investors and to the public and to the politicians too where you can lead and make change so you can help people and the government, I know you do not want to protect the criminals as you did in David Chen’s, a Chinese businessman. You want business and economy. What I propose and suggest you to do  are 100 times bigger and 100 times more interest to you and to the country, which, I think, is also your job and opportunity and honor  to prevent, stop and kill all the financial and legal fraudulent practices in this country and lead the world. It is not easy for you, but not hard too if you have my insight and vision and experience in the financial industry, together we could change the fraudulent and criminal system to improve the image of the government to the investment community and the world as you know that our capitalism is failing because of our system is lack of vision, honesty, responsibility, full of deception and fraudulent practices and harms.  Mr. Allan Chan, former CEO of SINO-FOREST CORP and Mr. Weizhen Tang, we  are real business people and entrepreneurs, role models and two classic cases and great gifts for you to use and to change the system if you could spend some of your precious busy time and effort. The current systems take our innovative business and entrepreneurship as crime, but crimes as business. It needs you and us to change so investors will be comfortable and love to invest in this country and the world.  

I have studied and practiced the financial system for 18 years and know everything in the industry and know what is wrong and what are the problems and how to fix. If you could put me in a position to be in charge of the financial industry or a consultant to you. I do not need government to pay me anything, it is free. You need a visionary, veteran  industry insider like me. I know you can not change the current system and you do not need to close the Ontario Securities Commission and the securities regulators in this country and you do not have to, leave them alone since they are in the wrong direction and dying, all you need is an alternative, you need  me, Weizhen Tang, and a new real financial industry, which I figured out and designed for you,  which will save the economy and government and people. The new financial system will give all the money and power you need to serve the people and this country and the most beautiful and attractive feature to both politician and his people including investors  will be that no more income tax is needed because we could have better economy and business. The new financial system will be innovative and perfect for the federal government since you do not have federal securities institute yet. I will lead the industry for you and ask all the listed companies and business to finance all the government operations, they will love to or at least compatible and better to the current fraudulent system.  Last time when I run for the mayor of Toronto in 2010, I found out that A former Canadian Prime Minister, the right Honourable William Lyon Mackenzie King, said that we do not need people to pay income tax unless there is war. He was right and one of the greatest leader in our country and I wish you could even do better with my help. I strongly feel that income tax system is not solution to the government and economy, but problem, it is also a criminal system of slavery. I can design and provide you a better financial and monetary system which do not need income tax.  Attached please find an article” 25 Reasons to stop OSC Cease Trade Order”, OSC cease trade order is anti-business and harm investors.  In addition, a Toronto Star article may be interested to you that is ” Why the OSC so rarely gets its man”, you can find it online.  I wish you the best and looking forward to hearing from you. 

Best Wishes to you and your family, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Sincerely Yours,Weizhen Tang Chinese Warren Buffett, Not Madoff2010 Toronto Mayoral Candidate

Chairman and CEO  Weizhen Tang Corp

19 Robinter Drive, Toronto

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Tel: 416-222-7070