Open letter to Jason C. Rodgers, SEC Trial Attorney

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Date: Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 9:42 AM Subject: Open letter to Jason C. Rodgers, SEC Trial Attorney

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Weizhen Tang Chinese Warren Buffett, Not Madoff 2010 Toronto Mayoral Candidate Chairman and CEO  Weizhen Tang and Associates Inc. Chairman and CEO  Weizhen Tang Corp President and general partner Oversea Chinese Fund Limited partnership 19 Robinter Drive, Toronto [email protected] Tel: 416-222-7070   March  3, 2012   Jason C. Rodgers Trial Attorney - U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Enforcement Division (817) 978-1410 (817) 978-4927 (fax) [email protected] Burnett Plaza, Suite 1800 801 Cherry Street, Unit 18 Fort Worth, TX 76102     Dear  Mr. Jason C. Rodgers   RE:  Your Final Judgment Draft without prejudice   I am a prominent, visionary, insightful, ambitious, private Chinese Canadian financial entrepreneur, a man with character and integrity who made a great contribution to the local and north American economy and to the lovely countries, Canada and United States of America and raised 60 million dollars in three years from all over the world because of the anti-fraud nature and positioned to raise billions if not trillions to Canada and USA and fix your fragile system.  I paid million dollars’ commissions a year or tens of millions to the north American financial industry and created lot of jobs over my 18 years’ investment career , My dream, my 1% weekly unique market and antifraud theory and practice will make greatest contribution to the free capital market, to Canada, USA  and the World. I will become the most influential leader and a financier  in Canada and United States of America and the world, but your US financial tsunami or financial fraud bubble of 2008 had huge impact on all business including our hedge fund business. It is your system fraud  killed middle class of American in the year of 2000 and 2008  again and It is your institution, member firms and listed companies and financial institutions who defraud investors at all the time.   Bank executives and financial firms, listed companies are fraud institutions and they had huge ill gotten gain  which should be disgorged to investors, but not from me, the defendants, Weizhen Tang and my companies  who gave all the money to investors and have been make broken by OSC and your defamation and have nothing left for you to defraud me.   Securities means fraud, Securities business is fraud business and securities Commission is fraud commission. Do not fool investors and the public, find a scapegoat is far from enough to fool the people and the public.   I am financial entrepreneur, have no intention and no desire to defraud investors, took nothing from my investors, and I gave all we have to my investors, I  am  not fraud , but  anti-fraud and hero of financial market and the future financial leader.   The worst impact came from the institutions like yours in Canada, the Ontario Securities Commission whose staff, Mr. Jeff Thompson was intentionally or un-intentionally ,but mistakenly alleged me a fraud and run one of the largest Ponzi schenm in Canada, which made sensational news in Canada, US and the world and mislead everyone, including you, SEC and FBI to defame my name in the public. Do not forget Chinese Warren Buffett applied for legal Aid three times.   Since Mr. Thompson of the Ontario Securities Commission made the mistaken claim that he had found, in me, some kind of Canadian Madoff of the North, purportedly running one of the largest Ponzi schemes in this country’s history, my life has been Hell. The accusation was defamation, libel and slander , was devastating to me and my family, my investors and detrimental to both myself and my business, my many dozens of clients, what was so interesting was that the vast majority of whom later chose to urge the O.S.C. to allow me to trade again –something which one senses no American would have asked of the criminal Madoff.   Do not forget that Mr. Madoff was the former Chairman of NASDAQ and dear friends of the former Chairman of SEC, your own institution. Everybody knows that US is running Ponzi scheme, not Weizhen Tang, Chinese Warren buffett.   At the time of crisis and lack of financial resources and legal experience, I was mislead and forced to sign a consent Interlocutory Judgment of no admission and no deny which is not good for me, not good for my investors and not good for you, the SEC and the country, only good for the fraudulent receiver , Tom Tong (“Tong Dec.”) who  made and defraud lot of money from us and our investors. You are still keep accusing me and my companies before prove in court, which is not fair and wrong, it is still defamation, libel and a slander and harmful to my good name and business and my private investors’ interest.   Your final judgment draft and motion is misleading the court and public and you fool yourself since everybody know the facts and truth now except you and may be the judge. I have fired my US legal counsel, a dump trucker so you can not force me to your trick and legal deception, I want to manage my own legal affair and legal rights. I am determined to fight with you if necessary for the interest of my investor and  investors in general and the public and we will win.   Do not forget that your time is limited and occupy Wall Street is moving to your door, do not fool people and the public.   To be honest, it is not my interest and power to defeat you and will not go offensive against  you and your institution, the commission if not forced to, I have a better and positive way to better the world, I am a public figure and well position to defend myself and my investors and people of the world. You will have nothing to gain if I do not have a lawyer who could dump me and work for you and who only take money from clients.   The only way for me and us to settle with you and save you and the government of US is that you should stay away from me and my investors, give all the money  from your wrongly -appointed receiver Tom Tong (“Tong Dec.”)  who defrauded and have to me and my investors.  I can call my investors and have them  signed consent and we will manage our own business. We are good people, My investors and I will forget you and the receiver and will  not ask for liable for the damage of my name and reputation and our precious time and business wasted and the intangible  asset and punitive damage to me and my investors and the public, but we will reserve the rights.   Mr. Jason C. Rodgers, it is my advice to you that you have to learn and to understand my case , financial business and laws first before you make a final judgment draft and motion, you need to be competent and knowledgeable in finance and business, do not fool the judge and the public and make trouble for you and your country, the world is watching you and respecting the country, USA before, do not disappoint people in US and the world.   Please open your eye to see who you are dealing with, the Chinese warren Buffett, a hard earn powerful name, not what you think it is Chinese Madoff.   If you do not know what you are doing and you will be in big trouble, not me, my friend!   Do you know that Securities mean fraud and in a better term is that securities business is fraud business, you are not in the position to charge anybody fraud, otherwise you will be in trouble in the end. It is good that I, one of the greatest investor in the world, did not charge you and sue your institution, it is your lucky, but try to help you.   But please do not play game with me and with my investors, we are well educated and do not fool people in your own dream. It is my suggest to you to rewrite your motion before submission to the court and leave us alone, what you draft is embarrassing to you and to the court and to the country of USA.   Your draft of final judgment and requests is ridiculous and un-acceptable and I think that you need to rewrite your motion and forget to use any accusing language and word of fraud, disgorgement,  penalty and case quotations to mislead the court and public. I can forget you only if you listen and forget SEC for damages and liability, but you have to restore my name and return the money from your wrongly appointed fraudulent receiver, they are thefts and real fraudsters who defrauded my investors and please give the money to me and my investors in a good manner.   Every thing you are doing and trying to do is to fool the court and the public and do not make any sense to people like me.   If you think that you did not make mistakes in my case and did not harm  private investors, please give the money to me and let’s have a fair trial in court before accusing me, the defendants and ask for any disgorgement later if any.   Please govern yourself accordingly   Sincerely,   Weizhen Tang