Why Our honourable Judge and Justice have no right judgment and not honorable and our system look silly in the Case of Chinese Warren Buffett?

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Chinese People are hard working, hard thinking, smart and obeying the laws and well educated. Chinese has a long history and history of common sense and wisdom. We all come to Western Society to make contribution and look for opportunity and better life. The motivation of this article is a complain and a wakeup call to the justice system and to expose and help people understand our justice system and what is wrong in order to better our society and better the world in my own experience over three years legal process, not in a battle yet and it is also to remind and help our honorable Judge and Justice and stop them make more mistakes and make nonsense, I am not attacking them, the people. I have no doubt that they are good people, may be just in a wrong system and wrong position.


We, Chinese, are very much respecting our legal system and laws and looking up to our Judge and Justice, We admire them and respect them like GOD until Weizhen Tang, the Chinese Warren Buffett, experience the injustice system and the process over three years. A series of facts and contaminated court orders in the Chinese Warren Buffett case make me wonder and it is self prove and self evidence of injustice and no common sense, no good judgment and no honor when there is no money and no lawyers and good lawyers on the other side.


Our problem is the system where the honourable Judge and Justice usually have a good position and easy job with excellent salary, they rely heavily on lawyers and people‘s trust. Lawyers almost always make thing complicated to make money and make our judge and Justice lose judgment and honor and make system look silly when there are no good, reliable and responsible lawyers, The problem is that  almost all our Judge and Justice et al do not use common sense and do not their own brain and have no judgment.


One classic example is Chinese business own, David Chen’s criminal Case in last year,. 2011 where and when the People, media and politicians including the honourable member of parliament, Olivia Chow, the right honourable prime minister, Stephen Harper have wake up and force our Justice to use common sense and his judgment and change the law in the end.


My case is much bigger than David Chen’s case and much complicated and much more important and popular to our society so it is understandable that everybody could make mistakes, that is called systematic mistake.  David Chen’s case changed the law, can Weizhen Tang and my case change the system?


The problem may come from the rights, racial, language, culture, communication and business and justice, more importantly the justice system and the time of Financial Tsunami of 2008 and 2009.


What is the problem? First thing come first, Weizhen Tang is a Chinese, a prominent Chinese financial businessman, an entrepreneur and leader, a private hedge fund manager, a great innovator and creator in finance and a contributor in the industry and society and good people. I had my own problem when the financial tsunami in the year of 2008 and 2009 came and investors rush to redeem, my profit was not there yet and I could not meet all their demands, later my investors learned the truth and my strategy, they understood me and we had no problem, or almost have no problem as evidenced by several investors meetings and letters and media report, but OSC has a problem and a need to find scapegoat, is looking for troubles .


A OSC staff, Mr. Jeffery Thomson came to my office in down town of Toronto and talked to me in the March of 2009, asked a question he wanted so he thought he found a Ponzi Scheme in Toronto and One of the Largest in Canada and he thought he could become a hero of this country, but he did not realize that he brought a disaster to our private business, our investors, our government, to OSC, the law society and the justice system and disaster to lawyers because he has no brain and the honorable judge and justice have no brain, everybody seem to rely on the system and on his falsified affidavit or sworn false affidavit . What he got is the opposite of what He thought, Instead of a Financial fraudster, I am an antifraud and fighter and was fighting against fraud for 20 years, everybody try to defraud me, being defrauded themselves. Who want to defraud investors of minus 60 million dollars and who want to investigate a negative multi-million dollars business and a strategic business move and use force to stop business?


OSC loves to make news, before investigation and any forensic accounting, Mr. Jeffery Thomson alleged me of 60 million dollar , 12 counts of securities fraud and fine of no more than 5 million dollars each count, total of 60 million dollar’ s fine and 5 years of jail time for each counts or both, 60 million dollars fine and 60 years jail time, that is a big number but he forget the number of 60 million dollar is real business and investment, more importantly is a negative number of 60 million dollars and investment which could cost government big, This is the country, Canada, One thing Mr. Jeffrey Thomson of OSC and the police of Toronto, never knew and thought is that I am not fraud, but a “anti-fraud” and they never knew and understand who I am .


Everything Jeffrey Thomson said and sworn is false and all evidences are falsified by him and in the court and on the news, which mislead and make lawyers to find laws and cases to match, the honourable judge and justice were rushing to make decision all based on his false evidences without asking me first and asking for my help and they all dishonor themselves which they never thought possible and make system silly.


Jeffry Thomson did a great damage to everybody including himself. All lawyers worked on my case for free and cost government fortune of more than five people, average of over $100,000 in annual salary alone for three years and close to 20 lawyers involved in my case, several court facilities when government is fight for budget and service cut.

Mr. Jeffrey Thomson of OSC used all of falsified evidences and police force try to convict me as Chinese Madoff and make him the hero and good name and good image for OSC, the problem is that he is not a hero and he could not find a Ponzi scheme, an OSC false and incomplete definition of fraudulent Ponzi scheme without criminal motivation and evidences as he false fully claimed and According to his and Ponzi definition of OSC, the financial market and system is a Ponzi scheme.  


There is no free lunch for him and OSC. All lawyers, honorable judge and justice believed what he said in his false affidavit is true and made decision only on the allegation without thinking and common sense, even a mere trials and more importantly is that they all ignored investors and the public and the truth. At Least, five honorable Justice and Judge fall into the OSC ‘s suicidal trap except one, the honourable Justice of superior court of Justice, Ian Nordheimer who seems have a good brain and some common sense.


Mr. Jeffrey Thompson and his colleagues do not have any real criminal evidences against me since there is no motivation of crime and no evidences of any crime, no fraud, no falsification of any account statement or documents and never charge of fee if there is no profit, a man of character, integrity and responsibility, a great deal of evidences of business, investment and investors endorsement and potential in my favor and truth. But I have evidences against them including the honorable judge and justices, all legal documents and contaminated orders from the honorable justices and judges are my evidences which could be use against them.


There is no honesty, sincerity, responsibility and justice in Ontario Justice System in my case and in my experience, all the honourable Justice and Judge should listen to me first and ask questions to find the problems, solutions and possible resolution, nobody did ever think to listen to me , nor to investors, but they used to waste lots of time, government resource and money of million dollars and to damage hundreds of million dollars potential and harm investors and the public since it is not their money, and resource, nobody complain to the honourable Judge or Justice so they can do whatever they want, even it is wrong, harmful and devastating.   


To go against the lawyers, government agents and professionals are not my business to make money from government for my investors and for the country, not my choice.


The following is my dishonor and black list of the contaminated honorable Judge and Justice, Master thanks to the Staff of OSC, Mr. Jeffrey Thomson, original false affidavit, contaminant on March 24, 2009 and the great OSC contaminant attorney, Mr. Hugh Craig:


1, The most dishonor and contaminated

March 25, 2009

The honorable Justice Spence,

October 8th, 2009

October 26, 2009

The Honourable Justice Hoy, further frozen investors’ brokerage account at Interactive brokers Canada

OSC Vice Chairman

March 18, 2009, on freezing private Investors’ account and business, not my account, 25 reasons to stop OSC harm to business and investors

W. David Wilson


Mr. James Turner

Mr. David Knight

OSC Chairwoman

Mary Condon


Superior Court Justice, Commercial List Justice


The Honourable Justice, Mr. C. CAMPBELL contaminated ORDER TO TAKE MONEY FROM INVESTORS

June 5, 2012


2, Dishonor and Contaminated

Legal Aid Office Review Panel Chairman

Linda Hall, Director, Appeals

Justice Spence on March 25, 2009

Justice Campbell on May 12, 2009

Justice Marrocoo On September 30, 2009

Justice Morawetz On October 8 ,2009

Justice Hoy on October 26, 2009

Justice R. Ittlman Feb 23, 2011

Justice Campbell on June 5, 2012

The contaminated Honourable Justice, Mr. C. CAMPBELL took order from fraudster’s attorney for the benefit of Tom Tong to transfer investors’ private capital to the true fraudster and to be spent, ignore investors’ notice and interest

Master Glustein on August 29, 2011

Justice Libman in the preliminary inquiry when He could stop the crown attorney to go further and drop the case, but he made big mistake and wrong decision.


3, Honourable Justice

Justice Stinson had a little thinking, did not take a complete order from a lawyer on April 2, 2012


Justice Ian Nordheimer

Over three years, it is the first time I heard something an honourable Justice ever think and talk with common sense and was reasonable, He waited for me to find money for my defense and changed my bail in order to give me access to those wealth millionaire investors and He had intention to order to release my own fund for my defense, but was messed up and comingled by lawyers.

4, Absolute honor

Nobody  on my absolute honor list

Honorable Justice needs a competence and could listen to me, to my investors first, to the public first and need to have honesty, sincerity, responsibility and justice and actively looking for resolutions from both sides, not only to be fooled and contaminated by any bad lawyers.


There were unlimited processes and legal proceedings, and contaminated orders, all against me based only on the false allegation and Jeffry Thomson ‘s false affidavit and defamation, no real evidences and no intention to look for solution and resolution.


I am the role model for the financial industry and always put investors’ s interest first, my investors did not give government trouble and the justice is wasting government money of millions and public resources and harm investors and hostile to private business, I do not know if this is tax fraudulent practice in our justice system!


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