Court evidences are very tricky, misleading and deceptive i

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Court evidences are very tricky, misleading and deceptive in my personal experience

Most of the honourable justice does not know what they want in the court and doe not know what are evidences for the case in my experience, but the honourable makes people believe they are using evidences against you in court. The honourable justice does not always use evidences people believed to be true and evidence, I found all of them use manufactured evidence or processed evidences and ignore real evidences, I am not only surprised, but also confused.

In the case of mine, the Ponzi scheme is falsified by OSC and its staff’ false sworn evidences and manufactory. The definition of crime and definition of Ponzi scheme have changed and simplified by OSC and courts.

When my investors and I try to provide evidences to the court and the honourable, the honourable seems lying in the court that there is no evidence, no reliable evidence, not enough evidence as excuses at all the times.

All evidences are government lawyers commissioned affidavit, court paper documents and honorable justice orders, most of times, the court orders even are not justice’s orders, the honourable take orders from the lawyers of government and signed by the justice, it is appear to be conflicting interest and dishonor, they totally ignore and forget investors, or majority investors and their interest. I am the only one who always put investors’ interest first.

The way the lawyers and honourable justice make evidences are the words familiar to you and the public that” you have the right to be silent, anything you say will be used (manufactured or falsified) as evidence against you. They will mis-interpret what you say and what you mean to mislead or help the justice find case or make the case against you.

The crown attorney, Lawyers on the other side always falsified your word or mine as true evidences, there is no motivation and real evidences in my case, only tens thousands of court documents and procedures and years’ processes. There is no communication, no dialogue, no exchange of evidences, no talk, no understanding and intention to understand each other, no honesty, no sincerity and no honor, no brain and no theory and no solution, no aim and no open motivation, but plenty of damages, harm and prosecution and punishment before prove.

It seems the longer, the more punishment and damage, the happier, the crown office attorney and OSC attorney and its staff feel. They seems try to make money for the government, but waste huge money and effort for nothing and mislead the government and the public. They are in the business of making money, dreams of hundred thousand of times of 500 dollar per hour, but they do not know how to make money and where to make and lose big in my case. Nobody could make money from the minus 60 million dollars except myself. I did not invite anybody to destroy himself and the government financially and its reputation.

The honorable Chinese Warren Buffett ‘s 1% weekly return is a 20 years’ effort, a dream, miracle, a theory, practice, good for investors, economy and the government, why do give us all a chance?


This is the most important aspect of the law. In law, “Honor” or “Dishonor” is a process. It is what is done in response to a presentment. Throughout the entire process you must be in honor. This applies to everything you do in the legal process. To act with dishonor toward the other person is the highest sin in any system of law.


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