Where is the GOD and where is the justice?

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Ladies, Gentlemen, the Honourable Justice

I, Weizhen Tang, came to Canada 22 years ago. Before I came to Canada, People in China told me that Canada is a Country of laws, democracy, freedom, human rights. I was looking forward to come to Canada. After I came to Canada, everything looked nice and civilized and looked good to me. People live a decent life if you could find job.

Canada is also capitalist country, you can invest money to make money if you have money and are interested and you do not need to work to make living. Investment is also a job and business to make living, After I learned about investment and business, I was quick interested and fascinated with the investment and made money in the market.

Because of my vision, insight and experience, I started my own investment business and managed money for my colleagues in the Hospitals in downtown, Toronto. I bought and sold mutual fund for them and show them daily what I bought and sold, real time and how I traded mutual funds, my Investors all got excited and even thrilled, I attracted over 100 investors and 100 witnesses of my success in a single year and managed 4 million dollars in the same time with average return of 30% to 50% , We made lot of money and it was very very successful and amazing, that was at early 90’s and a birth of my concept of 1% weekly return.

It was strange to a Bank Manger why I was trading mutual funds at that time and in a massive fashion at that time and so many investors were interested to invest with me so the TD bank branch manager asked and investigated and worried in case there might be some problems and she stopped my business of investment and I was forced to look somewhere else in Gorisen Capital Inc and tried something else in e-trade and I traded and worked hard, then I wrote a book on my investment experience and vision, my theory and practice of 1% weekly return. When everything was ready, I started a private hedge fund’ Called “Oversea Chinese Fund Limited Partnership”. In just three years I show my real time trading ability and skills to my investors, I also my views on the markets real time and my social and organizational skills in the community and raised 60 million dollars and investors made money in three years, but good time did last long and financial Tsunami started in 2007, and topped 2008 and ended in early 2009 stormed the financial markets around the world and investors elsewhere lost 50%, 80%, even 90% in mutual funds and hedge funds as well and 10’s or 200’ trillion dollars in lost at that time. The Financial Tsunami certainly had big impacts on me, my investors, but it was very fortune that I had a very good risk control system and a free flow policy so our investors they could withdraw at any times and we lost the least at the time of crisis.

During the crisis, one of my investors who could not withdraw his money and was angry and complained to OSC. OSC staff thought he found a Ponzi of North, Chinese Madoff, the Bernie Madoff was the former Chairman of Nasdaq Stock exchange and a friend of the former Chairwoman of the US Securities Exchange and Commission, I was not the Chairman of TSE or TSX, not a Chairman of OSC. Since then the nightmares of mine, my family and investors were the beginning. The investor who complained to OSC, later has withdrawn his complain, OSC did not told the court.

Before I deliberate and give my submission to the court, I ‘d like to express my thanks to all my sureties, last two, my wife and a former friend and the current two, Ms. Liu and Mr. Wong, my current sureties both believe in God and read bible. One surety is very special and strange that he did not know me and we never met before my bail hearing and I got a bail because of him.

When I was in custody after my conviction and my wife was trying to look for surety for me to get me out so I could prepare my sentence and look after the family affairs and critical finance, she was happy to tell me that she found two surety in no time and one was strange and good man, Mr. Wong, who is sent to us by “GOD”.  He was looking for us and wanted to help us anxiously. The first time when He met my wife he was very angry with the justice and conviction, he did not waited for my wife’s explanations and insisted that I am innocent and wrongly persecuted. He said this is not justice, not righteous and not truth and wanted to help me to clear my name. When he found out that we need surety, he had no hesitation and asked what he need to do be the surety. The conviction of an innocent person without motivation and evidences is not respectful and insult to the GOD.

My surety is an old immigrant from Hong Kong and has been immigrated to Canada 40 years’ ago and businessman. The first time we met was in court and when I tried to talk to him and express my gratitude to him, He was very humble and said he does not need my thanks, He help me not because I am a Chinese, not because I am a convicted criminal, but because of false conviction and I am innocent in his judgment. It was totally not fair, not righteous and not justice, He could not tolerant unfairness, injustice and no righteousness under GOP ‘s name. He study bible and believe in God and god’ fairness, righteousness and justice, He is not religious and does not go Church, He know the Jehovah loves justice, righteousness and love people as himself and respect laws of God.

The current laws are made by the ordinary people and sinful people and the governments to make money for themselves, which are restrictive, unlawful and slavery and are not the real justice and not fair and not righteous, not real laws of justice and the laws God loves and the law we need.

My surety told me what is justice, what is real laws and the real laws are created and made by GOD and worshiped and respected by all human, I’d like to make thanks to my surety.

Today, I’d like to be honest and loyal to the people and the public and tell this court that I am very angry and very mad with the OSC, the police, the crown, a number of Justices and the media, they are all biased and unfair and untruthful to me and the public.

1,   OSC is not fair to me, it tortured me emotionally, mentally and financially for 4 years and  I do not know why?

my suffering and the sufferings of my family, my investors and my community were tremendous, it was brutal and torture to lot of innocent people. You cannot imagine that how a simple case, OSC could make it last for 4 years and it is still going. The Staffs and Investigators of OSC looked at all my bank accounts and brokerage accounts and knew there was nothing fraud and no money has been defrauded and no money was found fraud. If OSC found real evidences, it would not be hesitated to tell the public three years ago, but the crime motivation and evidences are missing. The forensic accountant, Michael De Verteus testified in this court and to your honor, that nothing offshore and nothing fraud in any of my accounts, and whatever they did he could not show where is the money even they tried very hard to find anything and anywhere and it took them 4 years, they can not answer you where is the money? But why do they keep charge me, pressure me and oppressed me and torture me? I always wonder why?

Because I am a Chinese and a vulnerable and an easy target, not like Nortel executives who are powerful and popular? The OSC and the crowns were trying to take advantage of me and isolate me, restrict me and force me to plea guilt without any evidence.

The only reasons I can figured them out that: One, OSC could not afford to lose a war to a new immigrant and a Chinese and they have the power and the control . Secondly, they can keep defrauding investors and taxpayers to keep telling them that they work to protect them and ask for more money.

OSC did not do its job properly and fulfill its mandate to protect investors, but always lie to the government and the public it is working to protect investors while it is not doing so. For example, a number of cases, the OSC could work on to help investors, like Nortel, Bre-X, and Eaton Store and today’s RIM, everybody here today know these names, they all make investors lose fortunes under the name and assistance of OSC. Investors all suffered greatly, but OSC did nothing to stop them, never asked investors and what impacts they have and how much they lost and suffered and how.

Nortel was a prime example of securities fraud and detrimental to investors and the public interest, it was excellent for lawyers. Nortel was born in 1882 as Bell’s in-house mechanical department, becomes a completely independent company after Bell Canada Enterprise distributes 94 per cent of its stake to shareholders on May 1, 2000 when the Bell and  Nortel CEO knew what was going on and it was a fraud, they did not only put investors at risk and but it was obvious that they intended to make investors lost all their money. The management did nothing to help investors, but took the money and run.

The judge forgot the suffering of the people who lost their jobs, pensioners and people on long term disability that all got shafted, while Frank Dunn walked away with $134M in a huge personal gain. John Roth walked away with $245M in personal gain. They are building their $20M mansions in Oakville and New Caledonia!

OSC did not investigate the Nortel 300 Billion dollars fraud and a personal gain of 134 million dollars of Frank Dunn and only charged the three executives who falsified and manipulated financial statement to gain 12 millions.

Investors and the public would think there is justice would be served, but very disappointed to find that accounting games is OK to them, Nortel executives not guilty in court because not only Nortel cooked their financial statements and played accounting games, falsified documents to manipulation stock prices and profit from the games, everybody did that under the regulations of OSC, it is true a industry practice, Accounting games are the securities industry’s common practice, An analyst in white collar crime says earnings manipulations were alleged to be fairly common in the 1990s and early 2000s until the U.S. government launched an offensive against these types of cases.

OSC staffs are very afraid of going after the real fraud in the industry, not only they are not powerful to fight with the fraudsters, but they are not trained to fight, not knowledgeable and competent to fight so they make easy cases like mine as  scapegoat since I am a Chinese, new immigrants, not connected, but isolated and restricted, disabled. Last, not the least OSC and the crown use police force and jail and jury to force me to plea and to destroy my name and dignity.

The public traded companies manipulate their accounts and gave false information like BRE-X, defraud investors all the time, it is not criminal code according to the current law.  OSC manipulated cases and falsified evidences are legal, The judges only listen to the lawyers who are liars and make decision accordingly to their own interest.

The Media reports everything in court and report whatever is negative and harmful to the accused and victims. They trust  whatever the crown says, even lie and what lawyers say, media always twisted average people saying , the media always follow the power, the government and the justice, not the truth, media reports do not have to be the truth so they do not get legal trouble and protected from the judges and the courts.

2,   Everybody could be a judge if you are competent and believe in God and could represent the god for the justice and make the correct judgment, one judge (he is my surety ) told me that a judge sit in the court and positioned as a judge must represent the god and make judgment for the god according to the principals and high standard of the laws, justice and righteousness. To represent the god is represent god’s justice, righteousness and fairness, he told me my case is very simple, but a lot judges help OSC keep the case going and you and your investors suffering for almost 4 years. During the last 4 years, OSC, together with the police and crown unlawfully, unreasonably, ridiculously destroyed my long time build good name by defamation, slander and libel, destroyed my lawful private business, isolated me from my investors and supporters who are my long time friends and millionaires, destroyed my financial resources and  defence, froze my business accounts, banned my legal and lawful trading, disabled my legal defense, stop me to have a lawyers, tortured me emotionally, mentally and financially over the last 4 years. The case needs only a few weeks, not a few years if there was a discovery, communications and dialogs and debate and honest, sincerity and resolution and offering in private. There was no honourable procedure since I do not have a lawyer (s). My life, live of my family, my investors all were horrible and miserable and tortured. Is That human rights?

All I have in the last 4 years is disabled legally, punishment and tortured and forced to plea before falsely found guilt.

3,   My case is simple, it settled and resolved in USA in a few months, but OSC and the crown make it complicated and force me to use jury. My case has lasted for 4 years and we suffered for 4 years like mental jail and tortured. If my case is big and complicated, why I did have a lawyer. I asked all the judges for a lawyer, never got one for my defense, only gave me a Amicus, a friend of the court to pretended to the public that I have a lawyer. I have been forced to represented my self and defend myself in a very strange and serious and sincere environment and a totally different language, called “legalise”, case laws, authorities, law books, I never know and understand.

Since I did not have lawyer, the court is not only unfair, but also not honourable since I do not have lawyer, they should have to talk to me, my own lawyer to discover, to settle and resolve, but they never listen to me, never have a discovery, no discuss and dialog, communications and exchanges, no settlement, no offer, no negotiation, no resolutions, no honesty, no sincerity to resolve issues which is not honourable and disgrace in law.

I have been stripped, pushed around and tossed and tortured and crushed in court by a few dozens of well equipped, legally trained, experienced, unlimited tax dollar financed a group and groups of professionals, armed legal forces. In the past 4 years, all the investigators, forensic accountant, police, lawyers, crown attorneys, judges all were biased and prejudiced, disabled and isolated me, This was happened exactly like Natasha Smith attacked by a ‘group of animals’ who stripped her naked, ‘Please God, make it stop!’ the British female journalist, 21, describes horrific sexual assault in Egypt’s Tahrir Square after election result  Natasha Smith attacked by a ‘group of animals’ who stripped her naked Only escaped after she was handed a burka and men’s clothes ‘I was tossed around like fresh meat among starving lions’

The crown attorneys and OSC counsels are professionals and I do not know why they do not have swear in court and be allowed to lie in court and could falsify witness and falsified evidences and make false case in court without facing any punishment and consequences. I feel they do not respect the court, but fool the justice and bring justice into disrepute, they should respect the god and god’s mission and spirit in real terms. Why I say that? First, It has been 4 years that they could not find any illegal money they wanted to and still play number games and mislead the court and fool our honourable judges, mislead the jury and the public, misuse the trust of the public and use the jury. The crown always said that I defrauded over 200 investors, had over 200 victims that is false claim and false evidences, not everybody lose money in the market is a fraud victim. I have over 200 investors and partners, we invested together and work together and we are good friends and partners, and a family,  only one investor out of 200 investors who made mistake and complained to OSC and a few other (mostly three or four couples )because of OSC went to the police, so they can ask police to their money back.

Most of the investors are my supporters and believer and trusted me, even after fraud charges of OSC, they petitioned to OSC and wrote letters to support and encourage me and supported after criminal charges, even up to date. The people who complained are self-motivated and do not understand my business and my goal and some sort of selfish and want to sacrifice the majority interest to pursue minority and individual interest. The crown know that and use them to against me and my business and majority interest, that is why I say this is not democracy and majority interest mean nothing to the crown and the honourable judges.

OSC mandate is to protect investors and the public, so does the crown, but there is no evidence of protections, but plenty of evidences show how OSC and the crown are anti-business and harm investors. OSC and the crown lied in court and to the public, people believe the privileged crown and the court even if they are lying.

4,         The crown also lied that the victims and victim impacts in the sentence hearing, told the court and the public that I made a few investors, them suffered in emotionally and financially and the crown asked them to file complain to the court and documented. The facts are that it is true that they were suffering a great deal in finance and emotionally and lives have been destroyed, it is also true I also suffered more financially and emotionally, I suffered the most among all investors because of I am one of them and more so I have been tortured, all this loss and sufferings are not caused by me, but by OSC  and the market, I am not powerful to cause so much harm.

Not only us, the whole world was suffering during that time of financial Tsunami, 10’s or 100 ‘s trillion investment dollars lost at that time, millions of lives had been destroyed because of the greedy and massive fraud of banks and US government sponsored mortgage companies and OSC registered companies, we all were victims and should take OSC responsible and sue OSC  and government for the loss and damages. Millions family suffered, did OSC and the crown investigate and serious and responsible for the investors and the public? No!  OSC and crown are not responsible, but I have to responsible for the government and OSC, is that not ridiculous, a joke?

5,         During the course of trial, the crown had no real evidence and all evidences are falsified, the judge did not realize and stop the crown and the process. The crown attorney admitted that they had many concerns on Oct . 17, 2011 and Oct. 26, 2012 and they were nervous and struggled and have to convict me so they mislead the jury saying that my promised investors return statement is falsified statement, my promise is deceit and investors only need to lose and suffer over $5000 is fraud.  The crown told the jury that it does not necessarily took investors’ money in possession. The 52 million dollars business and investment, but the crown use $5000 to convict me, just like the mayor of Toronto Rob Ford, conflicting interest case of $3100 and we never pocketed and benefited ourselves. Not only I did not defrauded investors or anybody $5000, I am honest, no fraud at all, but they used three years and OSC 4 years to convict me of $5000 ? I ‘d like to ask the crown and OSC staffs how much did they used and how much they defrauded tax payers, according to your level of salary, Chairman of OSC $600,000 a years, A judge of $350,000 and a crown of $200,000 a years and a few of you who worked full time on my case, it estimated to take 3 to 4 million dollars to find a somebody of $5000 fraud? Is this the law? Does it make any sense? The only sense it does make is that the crown abuse the process and take enough time to defraud tax payers and fool them to indulge yourself and member of your old boy network.

6,         The crown are shameless and insisted to ask someone like me an innocent person for 8 to 10 jail time even though you could find any evidence, what is the motivation and where is the money? How much did I defraud anybody? They think the court is belong to them and their legal family. They forget that loss of money in the market is not fraud and a punishable crime, promoting a business is not a crime either. If the crown ask and sentence me to jail, that is to bleed the innocent blood, that is real crime and sin, the jail time belong to you, the crown, not me. God will punish you.

7,         last, not the least, from the beginning and since OSC started to the end and up to now, all the media made and reported negative news on me and assist the crown and OSC to totally destroy an innocent businessman and investors. OSC, the police, the crown and judges, and media all are biased and attacked me, an ordinary, legally and financially and socially disabled person, wrongfully and injustice and not fair and not honourable exactly like Natasha Smith attacked by a ‘group of animals’ who stripped her naked, ‘Please God, make it stop!’  .

Everybody in China believe the Western Media is fair, objective and comprehensive, independent and not afraid of the corrupted government and the power, it was not the case in my situation, It all are biased, negative and defamation, slander and libel and destructive and liar and one direction that is bend to the power and victimize the innocent and weakness for the interest of your own and the government, not the justice and righteousness. Negative news sells.

I do not know why you all wanted to attack me, I am the one who is visionary, insightful, innovative, effective, efficient and creative in business and made great contributions to the Country, raised 60 million dollars from all over the world to Canada, have no intention to harm anybody and did not harm anybody, I made great contribution to the industry and set highest standard to the industry, paid million dollars of commission a year and mobilize the people and activated the local economy and I am likable by investors and the community and the public.

I have one rule that is I never attack people unless I have been  attacked!

7,   I am really tired and please God stop it, I wish you believe in GOD and have justice and fairness and righteousness in mind and make judgment under the name of GOD and your conscious and responsible mind to declare my innocent.

I ‘d like to tell you, the crown and OSC regardless how long you take and methods you use and money you spend and force you have you can find anything and all your evidences are false or falsified in court and this case is man-made.

I swear to GOD I never intended to defraud my investors and my partners and never did. All the money was defrauded by the fraudulent market and I sincerely appeal and request the GOD, Jehovah, Jesus and whoever GOD to clear my name and give me my innocent back.

My surety believe in GOD and the Jesus even though he is not religious, he like the bible and He told me that If I can swear to the GOD and did not defraud anybody and not guilty, but it is possible I could get jail time without evidences and crime motivation because of the power of the court, nobody could stop the corrupted government and monopoly of armed legal force, the court could go ahead and sentence, that is bleeding the innocent blood and not respectful and insult to the GOD, the jail time is belong to whoever give to you and make you have. If you read and study the bible, you should believe in GOD, trust GOD and respect GOD and apply justice and righteousness and work under the name of GOD.

May I wish GOD bless everyone !

Dated on Jan. 18, 2013 before sentence hearing, the judge did not admit the submission.