Open letter to Marshman, Department of Justice, Canada

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Weizhen Tang

17 Silk Court

Richmond Hill , ON

L4B 4A4

Sunday, April 22, 2018

N. Marshman

General Counsel, CCRG

Department of Justice Canada

Criminal Conviction Review Group
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada  K1A 0H8

Dear Mr. Marshman , general counsel

I received your letter dated on April 10, 2018. In your letter you demand a full trial transcript in order for your group to review my case and you also indicated my criminal conviction appeal proceeded to a hear before the court appeal for Ontario: R. v. Tang 2015 ONCA 470, you know I again was self-represented, I was indeed assisted by Michael Lacy appearing as pro bono duty counsel, he correctly submitted three momentum merits.

You said “As such copies of your full transcripts have already been produced”. That is not true. I already gave all he has and all I have to you. As you know transcripts are very expensive, especially to people who are in prison and on parole or on welfare, so does the lawyers and counsel expensive, which are not help for justice in this country, but prevent people from justice.

Since my first time in court for my preliminary inquiry, I never had a counsel to work on my behalf, my constitutional rights have been severely violated and I have been processed as a Chinese and new immigrant, nobody survive this process, my defense was destroyed before went to trial , there is no fair trial in my case.

I have been used as scapegoat for the wrongful, evil financial and judicial systems. The systems are controlled by real criminals, they are lawyers and judges.

Why do I say that? I have conducted extensive research and investigation and practice since I was sentenced to jails and prisons. I interviewed many innocent people in prison, wrongful convicts, I read many books and novels, studied the Canadian law books and case laws and practiced the law and caselaw in many courts and all levels of court. The judicial system is not about justice, not constitution act and not the charter of rights and freedoms, it is about legal weapon, machine, destruction and process, nobody could survive the judicial process without counsel and public attention.

In most of cases, nobody care about my innocent, wrongful conviction, or any individual ‘s wrongful conviction, conviction is what all the lawyers and judge fully motivated to do and charged, the judicial process is about money, self interest of the law society. All The judges and lawyers need are the process, court appearance, not due process, they all want our money and our name.

After my extensive study, I found out that once the conviction is wrongful, the system is protected by the judicial finality, integrity, independence. As you know and mentioned, appeal is useless, another level appeal is also useless, nobody care about a convicted and nobody watch and nobody understand the legalise and people are powerless in court until public pay full attention and the corrupted judicial system is getting so expensive and so disreputable, fully exposed and it will be thrown away and destroyed by our tax payers.

Anyway, I am determine to explore the judicial system and process and collect all the evidence in the system and I will have full transcripts for you after my warrant expired which is on January 31, 2019.

I am writing a few books while experience the system and exposed the system and make OSC, the attorney general of Canada , the department of justice and government of Canada accountable and responsible for my wrongful conviction and wrongful conviction of our fellow Canadians.

I told the crown attorney and I will win if they or somebody could not kill me or murder me.

The crown office and courts are disgraceful and disreputable in my case. I am not pegging you or anybody, I am fighting to get my reputable name back and fighting for justice for everybody.

In terms of caselaw, Id’ like you pay close attention to the following cases and I believe you know these cases very well, please pay attention again if you really believe caselaw.

The Book of Authorities

  1. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce v. Credit Valley Institute of Business and

Technology, [2003] O.J. No. 40 (S.C.J.)

  1. R. v. Nason, 2014 ABPC 33
  1. Danyluk v. Ainsworth Technologies Inc., [2001] 2 S.C.R.R.
  2. Lawfully yours-ninth editions

I am also particularly interested in the cases of Jesus and Socretes, the authority killed them.

Sincerely yours

Weizhen Tang, the applicant

唐炜臻 - 2018年2月19日 18:50

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