025Landlord!please don’t steal my books!

大医精诚 - 2008年12月2日 - 436 浏览

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     I am a chinese.I love my country ,people and every grass!you’ve  been here so many years,but I am maybe newer than you and your family.you prepare to become a canadians,but I am still a chinese!Probably that doesn’t make more deep meanings!but please repect the man who has the same black eyes and hairs!It isn’t  maybe  big thing for your children to stole my daughter’s snack,but you shouldn’t take my belongs in my room!I need to survive,so I practise English every day.I’ve taken couple of English books and CDS from China.However,some day I can’t find it till I move out of your basement!some Chinese friends said to me:”don’t be credulous to Chinese people,especialy SHanghaiese,but I always use my warm-hearted to face everyone!I hope that the thing that Chinese cheat,bully and steal  Chinese never happens again and again!    

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