027Impression for Toronto

大医精诚 - 2008年12月6日 - 477 浏览

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     It is maybe a  miracle that Squirrels,pigeons and brown bears can walks around you not to worry about being killed as food.Fresh air and purely blue sky give me deep memory. The pollution made by Industry revolution exits in every country,but Canada maybe one of the best country that has the developed industry and good enviroment.

    Toronto isn’t maybe the best city in Canada,because there are too many people  coming from all varied of countries owing to diferent reasons.In all these days,I met diferent people,which of majority  are nice,but somebody is indeed bad.My principle of life is optimistic,so I always pay more attention to those good aspects!However,as to somebody who persecute,kill and bully kind people,I regard them as my enemies! I believe nobody can stand the obvious crime!

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