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By 逍遥津 - Ingrid

Nursery Furniture

Crib — I think the most important feature is that you should be able to lower the sidebar by one hand.

好的Crib很贵,BabyRUs里面动辄200多。刚开始我们用的是朋友给的,后来有点不放心,到IKEA买了一个,$70多。将来可以改成 junior bed。我觉得还是新的比较好,很结实,放心。因为baby长大了很喜欢扒着栏杆在Crib里面跳,还是结实最重要。

Mattresses — Don’t buy foam ones. They are not as good as coiled ones.


Mattress pad — My mom made this for us. And I think you should have at least one. It’s not very comfortable sleeping directly on the mattress. Some use waterproof ones. But I don’t think those waterproof material is very comfortable. Plus, I think disposable diapers can prevent wetting bed pretty well. Amy hasn’t wet her bed once.


Changing table — We don’t have a changing table. We just change her on our bed. Again, it’s because we don’t have that much space.

我们在IKEA买了上面这样的一个柜子给小孩放衣服,也拿这个当changing table用。

Changing pad — We don’t have it either. The bed is soft enough. But if you have a changing table, then you have to have this.


Bedding/Room Décor

Crib sheet — We have 2, quite enough.

买一套bedding set就可以了。

Receiving Blankets — Buy the 30 x 40 ones. There are a lot of 30×30 ones on the market. They are too small. And you don’t need to buy too many. We bought 4, never used them to wrap Amy, though. The reason is that new fabric is not that comfy. We took half a dozen from the hospital. They don’t have fancy patterns. But since they have been washed over and over again, they are really soft.


Waterproof pad — We don’t have any.

same here。

Quilt — We don’t have any. In winter, we just layered her using our quilt.

以前用的是bedding set里面的小被子。后来老人来带了好几床小棉被子、丝被子,我都想睡在里面,一定又暖和又舒服。

Crib Blanket — Don’t have any, either.


Bedding Set — We bought one set from IKEA, really cheap, $20, including a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a blanket, and a bumper around the crib. And that ’s actually quite enough. We found the bumpers people put around the crib very distracting for baby. We stopped using it after we started training Amy to sleep. So I don’t recommend you buy those fancy bedding set. But again, they are really cute.



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