rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

2008年2月 的存档信息

开场与冠军山打得难分难解,终于因决胜局我的连续发球失误而败北。平时少有打横拍的对手,练太少。首回与山2450交战时打不起来,全败。跟美眉打时刚开时有信心,能拿下一局,此后便感力不从心,快不起。败后便打出低水准,加上电话骚扰,失误连连。总结:1。打球要关手机。2。停球不要太长,兴奋不起无法打。3。多与横拍球手练习。4。体能训练要加强,高强度大力攻击5局后要能… (阅读全文)

everyday above ground is a great day! 车房的租客是贼,市警持令查走赃物。 到警局做录像协助调查。 将来要做背景调查再出租。 (阅读全文)

staff mistreat  Chinese users many many time in this Trinity bellwood CRC, I  watch it very closely and  one day  in future, there wll be a  chance   for  us  to fightback, you can call police to do whatever you like, but the law is not allways on your side, the court will give us a chance to speak out,  do not think use police to send our people… (阅读全文)

   Thanks for talking to me nicely over the telephone call. but I was  too busy on playing  when your staff pass the cellphone to me when you phone in, so my reply to you is as following. I have been contacted 4 times ( 2 times in person, 2 times over telephone)  to  solve the problem but I  am so sorry to tell you  I can not  help on this proble… (阅读全文)

乒乓球场也看人生:1。趣事:84 岁高龄人连打4小时。每天都打!眼耳,手脚面容如同60。水平大约为国家二级。2。staff菲律宾老姐欲称王。开始与退休的番禺大妈斗,呼叫警察拷住大妈双手,欺我同胞不谙英语,可惜我当日不在场。一日,球友移动球桌方向到东西向,此姐冲我来教训:This  is not your living room!心想不是我移动,不过巧见我在打,为何语出不训?不答,不理,照打… (阅读全文)

多年未参加乒乓球比赛,今日复出,拿了冠军! 有待改进的地方很多: 1,比赛前的准备不足。备好水,小吃却不带,爬梯没完告辞就直奔赛场,原定5:30到,实际5:55。比赛始于6:00。交完参赛费立刻抽签开打,没预热。9:30俄 了可了累了,没法有效发挥发球抢攻,近台快攻,仅能被动防守,对手攻球失误大,免强守住了。冠军是对手送的,比起1/4,1/8那两场,那真的是打赢! 2。… (阅读全文)

新年到!金鼠跑不了。3-5月可以拿下一城,6-9 月攻一地,10-12月克一关。多乎哉?不多也。恭喜韩买房. 114 crawford is not 山米耗食 ,list agent 山米耗食与醣耗都与我来乎悠,晕! listing need correctetion. (阅读全文)

offer fail,  8 offers in total. will try again for next project.do not send in offer until last 10 munites. final winner 751k (阅读全文)

li:   time is worth more than you think! two years time worth  how much  money at  this year to you?let us do a quick  caculation.this is just an sample. if 2005 ,you bought  1,000,000  house at 80% LTV,downpayment  is $200,000.in 2008, you want to buy the same house, you may need to spend  much more  than the 200,000.  in 2006, 2007, 2008, the s… (阅读全文)