rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

2008年3月 的存档信息

 Although the ROI on RRSP and other such investments aren’t as high as with real estate investments, the lender would have more confidence in offering a commitment if you had some liquid assets as a back up … Your portfolio is fine, we really don’t need to increase the numbers there… 举例:it is so hard to understand  when you borrow big bund… (阅读全文)

831 deal killed.果然如同预料。知道其玩花招, 可以给waiver.另选更好屋吧。可惜了时间。 (阅读全文)

831 new offer. peter LTV80% 2nd Mortgage  prime! MLS list sent yesterday. (阅读全文)

lady staff use  very rude   and bad  ay to treat us  today,such as “let him  get  out, or will kick him out”, wanted to speak to her supervisor. yesterday, same rude  way , want to ask me to leave  and let her guest to use immidiately but we  ruse to do so , we told her  everybody  should line up, and take turn  for  their times to play, each pla… (阅读全文)

郑老板:每回都象是贵人出门必有风雪相随。多市今年大雪太多。温市投资也有其窍门,5 年规划要得当的话也不难退休。提高现金流也有办法。high market 市场回报多来自于物业升值。 jim: 新的投资要赶快注入。时间比今日的金钱值更多。一有机会立即追加投资。只要有正向现金流,别管他明年房价升或降。 如何唤醒你们沉睡的资金(财富), 让财富替你带来回报,这种回报又近一步… (阅读全文)

831 204 offer 268k .good deal? certificate of status (阅读全文)

Mr. shao: ZT: 是的,房价很高,买了以后的维持费也很高,让买家承受很大压力,但是买房还是比租房划算。毕竟,我要提醒大家一下,从长期的走势来说,不动产是在升值的。大家可以先买公寓房,或者在郊区购房,再或者买了房以后分租出去,并通过减少不必要的开支来给自己减轻压力。……房市不是如同股票一般的短线投资,大家在投资房市的时候,应该尽量看得长远一些。大家明智一… (阅读全文)