rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

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lady staff use  very rude   and bad  ay to treat us  today,such as “let him  get  out, or will kick him out”, wanted to speak to her supervisor. yesterday, same rude  way , want to ask me to leave  and let her guest to use immidiately but we  ruse to do so , we told her  everybody  should line up, and take turn  for  their times to play, each play 15- 20 munites is not a problem at all but no way  to leave  immediately, she has no right to do that. another man with 胡子 came and told us to leave the table in 10 munites. we will make a complaint about this , we can not allow  this staff use animal language  , she clap her hands and shouted to all 4 players  and ask all of them to leave, she treat us without any respect. we are not her dog or pet! one day  ,I will record what she said and briing her to small  claim court, file a law sue against this person for discrimination  , demand a formal Apology and compensation! carlos was on side and he said the supervisor will be in next week.

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