rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

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为西藏问题寻找最大公约数–期待民族的和解  请您惠顾赞助商 鼓励其长期支持CND Quality Brand! CND AmazonCameras, Books…                             梁文道 一 2006年,达赖喇嘛在印度举行时轮金刚灌顶法会,他在会上批评当今藏人喜好皮草的虚华作风不仅庸俗,而且有违佛教义理。几天之后,西藏各地就有人纷纷公开焚烧价格高昂的豹皮外衣… (阅读全文)

Mr. Mei : try your best now to do your home work and if your DCR is  1.1, make a good offer, the deal is  a great deal for you, legal duplex,  in downtown, semidetached, brick,close to subway ,close to  big park, close to Uof T, close to your home, price is  lowest in the area, best location, you should not lost this deal, we guess it will  have … (阅读全文)