rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

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Mr. Mei : try your best now to do your home work and if your DCR is  1.1, make a good offer, the deal is  a great deal for you, legal duplex,  in downtown, semidetached, brick,close to subway ,close to  big park, close to Uof T, close to your home, price is  lowest in the area, best location, you should not lost this deal, we guess it will  have more than 5 offers on Thursday,hurry up.

you are businessman , you know the way to make money is not easy, you know your friends have done it, it is not too late to begin  invest in real property.when you look back  10 years, you  may think you wiish you have bought 10 houses, in another 10 years,  you  will be glad you  have made this investment  plan to buy  real properties(more than 10 houses)!

jim, sorry  to hear that you can not do any property purchase in anytime soon.lose time  is lose money and time is worth more than your current money.