rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race


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1.if  I  know you offer this price, we would not have to waste our time!下藕粉时居然用此语!

她listing   $3++,000, offer 360,000   bank power sale, detached, 2 ST,3卧3卫两厨 地下分门单元2800SF LoT, 好区近湖边公园。半年多未卖掉,从487,000》》446000》》439000》41++++》》》3+++++


any price is   possible , you do not need to  set the price for the buyer.

you do not know if  your time is less value than your buyer  or not, 2.  you know more than  me!

你prepare offer for 21 years , you should not say to  a buyer  you do not know too much about。

3.i have never done that, pull MPAC AVM 报告? I can learn something from you today!

it is 7:30PM, the offer will be dead  8:00PM, do you think I have time to teach  you so my offer will get killed?我付20多刀给你来上课?

4. where can I meet  you to sign the counteroffer? can I meet you at my office ?

yes 。

at least you can drive  to my place  one time  to  do something instead of  your office 每回, you provide buyer agent service, you do not want to drive  10 minutes  , you are very busy!

5. I  do not read this  ,leave it to your lawyer!

我 签字能读都不读?


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