rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

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li: Glad your first project  is very good, if you pay attention to some  area which you can improve, your cash on cash  return  will not   stay  at  a bit higher than 10%.

1.your downpayment should not be that high, close to 40% , you can add HELOC to pull  some cash  out.

2.you waste some time which  you can  improve a lot on our next project, never wait  if you can get a target on your radar.since 3 years ago you begin to know the investment,  you acted  finally after a extra year in school.you should be able to  run at fast rack after March 2009. remember, your time is money, your time is worth more than the money you think. Never ever waste your time again. Real estate investment will bring more power  to you in future,think  if  your mortgage  pay off, your cash flow will jump skyhigh, your equity  will jump skyhhigh, the clock is helping you, each second  pass , your wealth  increase, that is  passive  income,  your  networth   going up no matter you work or not, no matter you sleep  or awake, no matter you are in China or in Canada. what other investment can  match  this?  unlike the stock investment( risk is in future), we  enjoy power  in future, we enjoy more profit in future.

3.step 6   of real  estate investment is manage the property,  you can  leave this job to others who know  how, this way, you  can use OPM (Other People’s Money), and OPT( Other People’s Time),if your credit was damaged  due to your late payment on your bill, try to fix your credit, otherwise you may need to  use  OPC (Other People’s Credit), you  should pull out your credit report and check  this out.

4. be positive,  you worry too much  about  everything, real estate is safe from long run, it is not   a day  trading, you  do not need to    care that  one day , one month , or one year market change.you have plenty of  risk control  methods to use.1. set your LTV low,2.  increase your cash flow,3.select the right Mortgage  and 2nd mortgage.4.change your life style, use rich people’s  mindset, rich people value  their time, value their family, value their health,they do not value money.if   you do it right on 2009, your cash flow will be $3000+,you  will  be out of rat race! be positive, be brave!

Du: there is a huge cash flow increase if you  can do a bit  new  thinking.

Zhao: what is  your goal?1M? 2M? 3M? what ever  you like to do, setup your long term and short term  goal first,Do not  skip the  step that you should  finish before you  jump .

6 step s to follow,  you need to finish first step.

306  M T N4

1068 M  N4,N5


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