rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race


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1:wrong:at this time of 9PM, how can you expect I can call some  inspectors and come tomorrow 11AM to do home inspection?

correct way should be: OK,I can try my best to find somebody,but not  sure if I can get hold of them, if you can find one from your side, it will be perfect.

you are  here  to help to made the deal go through easy, you are not here  to fight with your client, or teach your client, you do not  need to  think that you know more than your client, you did many times when you prepared offer, you  will do it again in future as we know that you have ask us some no brain questions , you think you are the 22 years experience agent,but hi, you missing a super important thing: you are here to provide your service.

2.wrong:is this inspector(renovation guy)  your brother?how can you find him?

correct : great, you   found  the inspector,I tried but I could not found as they did not work on Saturday.

do not think your client is  not  doing business  in professional way, do not think  your client is  wasting his  time  and your time. you have your appointment time at 2PM, so you can go, you do not care my business, my business is wasting your time, wow, your service is the best in the world.

3.can you send me the inspection report ? and the estimate cost  of repair? we do not want to, we paid for it,  if you pay for it, you can    get it .you do not even want to listen to inspector’s report  at 2PM,  you left at 1PM,your time is very  valuable. my time  is worth nothing.right?

4.do you ever hear about the word of negotiation? you earn $20000 easy does not mean I  do not want to negotiation$20000.

5. if the cost of repair is $10000, Can I ask  $20000?  I need to spend my time, I need to solve the problem, I  can not use the property, if I spend $10000,I need $20000.I  can  kill this deal  even is $100 repair. please read the contract.I have a fear of the previous  repair man ’s job!

6.the bank know how to do business, I do not need to tell them call you as soon as possible, if you are not  ready to do 1 or two days  extension, you  are ruining the deal, we will need to find another agent as buyer  agent  and make another offer.

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