rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

2009年2月16日 的存档信息


http://www.56.com/u41/v_MzM4NTg5OTg.html http://www.56.com/n_v155_/c36_/7_/1_/cbzv150_/120951971090_/2609310_/0_/33858998.swf (阅读全文)


2月16日讯 正当奥巴马政府竭力说服国会推行其8000亿经济刺激计划之时,大部分美国民众或许还没有意识到,联邦政府的债务总额已经高达65.5万亿美元,而这一数字甚至超过了世界年生产总值。据世界网络日报的报道,即使不算本次经济刺激计划中新增的社会福利开支,美国政府未来所需偿还的全部债务–包括社会保障和医疗福利等开支在内–早已让美国陷于破产境地。 美国财政部发布的… (阅读全文)

why this house sold supper fast

C01, 2 1/2  5 bed, 2 wash, semi, all brick ,76 Do. sold in 1 day. you  need act immidiatly in hours  to get it. you may be too late when your agent email you or call you. as investor, your realtor broker is your eyes, you   need see any chance  as soon as it show up. sorry  for all of my friends that lost this super deal.  a good deal is  there e… (阅读全文)