rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

2009年2月18日 的存档信息

又一个: 买倒伏! $8 billion fraud. 下一个???

ST. JOHN’S/CARACAS (Reuters) - Hundreds of people rushed on Wednesday to withdraw money from banks in Antigua and Venezuela linked to Texas billionaire Allen Stanford, as the fallout from U.S. fraud charges against him rippled across the globe.Stanford, a flamboyant 58-year-old financier and sports entrepreneur, remained out of sight a day after … (阅读全文)

不是不报,时候未到! 下一个: 毛泽东

Decades of war, mass murder, famine, terror and grinding poverty have left a legacy of pain but little justice in Cambodia. But on Tuesday, Cambodians finally witnessed the start of the first-ever trial of a senior Khmer Rouge leader involved in murdering 1.5 million people.Kaing Guek Eav, 66, known as “Duch” when he supervised the Tuol Sleng tor… (阅读全文)

ZT FP Housing’s bottom is in sight,,房市的曙光

Housing’s bottom is in sight: lender Home Capital; But economists say the market is still falling Jamie Sturgeon, Financial Post Published: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 Canada’s big banks may be hurting from the reduced demand for new mortgages, but at least one alternative lender says it sees a bottoming in the housing market and is benefitting … (阅读全文)

zt:Robert Kiyosaki get rich , stay rich ,now is the time to position yourself for riches.

Posted on Tuesday, May 27, 2008, 12:00AM I’ve been on television recently discussing the U.S. financial crisis. These shows often feature a panel of so-called financial experts who rarely agree with each other. The reason their advice is different is simply because each expert speaks to a different segment of the population.Giving Credit For exam… (阅读全文)