rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

which house to buy after a few offers?

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40,46,39,85 w, which ever  you  select, your offer is  always too low. Fair market value  is there,  you  buy a good deal is fine,  but you try super good deal. the super good deal  may come but it is  not  yours due to you can not act fast enough, you can  not  tell  it is super good deal or not. first time buyer just has less experience   ,  and we ask you to pull the MPAC report  live value, high medium, ow confidence  value  but you  do not like to try  , save $25 is not  a right business way of doing business. time  fly , you  keep  renting, I  try to save you $25000 , not $25. buy a house 300,000   is good  if the house is worth 310,000, but if you can buy a house  for $460,000  if that house is worth 500.000, in today’s buyer market,  you can try anything. if you make two offers  each month, you may got one or two accepted , you  need to make offers,   a bit higher  , if you make 100 offers but none of them accepted, you know you  need to do something in difference way. 


today’s richdads coaching  home work  is  a small case for you  , in paper work,PH D. in Marketing, a few caculation is  so easy, but when you put  t in real life, you fail  to do your own caculation, you can retire in 1 -2 years  if you have enough knowlege in Real Estate investment . all of you SHELOC, LOC, Cash,credit card  are all in sleep,  you  just need to wake up all of  them, (more than 100,000  , could be 200,000 +),   please pull your credit score,please spend a bit of your time to read some book about real estate, do not count on your  first  mortgage manager,  do not count on the real estate broker or agent,  they are just  a part of  your team,  you must be team leader and make sure your team  head to right direction.get a  mentor, coach and learn from them, you  will be fine if you  do so.  please do not  just focus on PRICE,  please focus on PRICE/EARNING.  wish you  good luck.


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    thecomputerguy - 2009年3月13日 23:10

    Could you let me know how you invest in Real Estate. I am keen on this business. You can reach me by [email protected], Thanks.