rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race


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绝对没必要感情用事, 一个住户在一年中99% 的租金都交齐,1% 晚交一点不影响你那大西瓜,何必去花九牛二虎的力量为那区区百元费事?你放着以万元为计算单位的大西瓜不去拿,眼睛盯住百元的芝麻绿豆大的东西,为何?努力早点实现3-5年投资目标,在家多生几个娃娃,享受加国悠闲生活,呼吸新鲜空气!外加自由,稳定的社会,这哪里需要去与中国大陆比?入籍需要形式上的,更需要本质上的,成为加拿大人,要认可其核心价值!core value  here is totally different   compare to mainland China.you want to  live in dignity, safety and freedom.I want to take you  to  6.4  memoral in the evening of 6.4 20 years    in University of Toronto, you will understand what I said. life is short, do not waste your time,  never ever  think that  your life, your future ,your child is better in mainland China than in Canada.UN gives Canana rank number 1 in the world many many times, mainland China has not in top 50  yet, long way to go to catch Cuba,if you  became Canadian, your chinese citizenship will  automatic lost, you will no long be welcome  to stay in your home town.

do your math , find out  your earnd cash flow , principal paydown , it should be better than 15.88% ROI /year  , if you beat  this number, you beat the Canada’s  biggest raw land investor Walton.

 唐氏骗局真相 is  above water, 湖南人,湖南同乡会将蒙羞。dmage control should be on now.


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    赵州茶 YesMan - 2009年3月25日 20:12

    唐氏骗局真相 is above water, 湖南人,湖南同乡会将蒙羞。 ————–抗议 小题大作 再大点是否是新移民的。。。。。。。。。

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    xia - 2009年3月25日 22:19

    接受抗议。两年前本想加入该同乡会,现看起来不加入为好。选个诚实de人做同乡会de 理事(长)吧。