rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

2009年7月10日 的存档信息


王力雄 ——————————- 昨天,7月5日,乌鲁木齐出事了,因为韶关仇杀。 但很快,当局就有了结论,即”事实表明,这是一起由境外遥控指挥、煽动,境内具体组织实施,有预谋、有组织的暴力犯罪。” 饭否上,有网友讽刺说:”官方这次的效率值得狠狠表扬,仅仅几个小时就查清了境内外勾结的全部事实,因此有理有据地说‘事实表明,这是一起由境外遥控指挥、煽动,境… (阅读全文)

learning is life long

the ability to learn is very important. nobody know everthing. so weshould never stop learning. GPS is a new stuff to many  people,  when we travel in a new place, GPS  can help us save time, gasline,  help us when we are hiking. We got lost  and the little 10 years old boy told us  the way to exit. He cried lound when none of us listen to him. A… (阅读全文)