rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

房地产风 险的大小

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多伦多房地产风 险的大小。 1.资产负债率LTV。 100%为高,90%较高,80%中等,75%低,65%很低,50%无。 2.现金流DCR: 收租还贷比: 0.9 为高,1.0中,1.1低,1.3很低,1.5无。

3. 地段:   差地段为高, 普通地段为中 ,好地段为低.

4. 投资者级别:初级投资者为高,中级别为中,高级投资者为低.

5. 投资对象:工商业为高,多单元宅群为中,普通民宅为低.

6. 多伦多房地产风险总体而言远小于股票,基金,期货,外汇。。。

7. investor A:Borrow from bank 1,000,000 @3%, 25 years AM., monthly payment  $4732.45

investor B: borrow from  private  party , use private mortgage  of 250,[email protected] 6%,25 year AM

 then  need borrow from the bank   750,[email protected]%,25 years AM.,Monthly payment  $3312.72,plus 250,000 @6%,25 year AM. monthly payment of $1599.52, total is $4912.24  , only $179.79 more   than  investor  A. this $179.79/month  is  nothing if   the rental income is around  $8,000/month.  

8.if investor A  do a home equity LOC , take out 300,000 at 3%, monthly payment is $750, lend it to investor B @6%, investor A can get $1500/month, investor A  get net cash flow of ($1500-$750)$750 /month  for doing  almost nothing, investor B can buy more property, increase cash flow  around $3000/month, so investor B can give  inverstor A $1500. This is win-win !