rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

how can I afford it?

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1.when your children ask you to stay in Hotel, do not say : we can not afford it, always  use the best brain wash  : how can we afford it?

some time children can force you to invest , as you need make  good money for your children’s better life. 

2. make a plan, in 5 years, own 3 properties  is super easy to  do. make a bit   higher  target for your self, the target should be   doable.

3. make a   time line for yourself. when do you want to retire? how much do you like to  spend  in exchange to get  back a year of your life?   your biggest cost  is TIME,  your 1 year time is not your $10,000 , or $100,000. your time may worth  more than you think.you are so smart person,no other PH D friends can match you, you waste too much of your time.

4.tomorrow   you will get  a new key to a property, this is first step  of investment, you can do  it if you have right education or you are willing to learn, 9  out of 10 people who invest in Toronto real  estate  can do it,  there is no reason why you  can not do it.

5.  always make a big party for your new purchase of property,  always tell your friend  that you plan to buy more property (possible in next year?), never   ever stay  with those who own no property, who  push you back, block your way. risk is nothing to worry, lost control of risk is something you need to worry.   

6. if you do it right, your investment may double in around 3 years, your overall ROI will be higher than you think, there is nobody can give you a formula that how high your real ROI is, you must use a few strategy such as rehab and rent, use force appreciation a lot

7. keep play  rat race game cash flow 101,202, let your  wife join in and play, everybody in the whole family should play each and every week(month).


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    我在 - 2009年8月4日 22:48

    I want to get out of the rat race, can you teach me?

  2. 2
    xia - 2009年8月5日 08:57


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    我在 - 2009年8月5日 10:02


    多伦多有在一起玩cash flow的团体吗?

  4. 4
    xia - 2009年8月5日 14:46

    board game cash flow 101 players in your area can be easy found if you go to fubaba.ca(not sure why it is not working now),Kevin is good cash flow game player.

    you can play on computer E-game cash flow 101,202 . I bought both board game and computer game on CDs, if you can not find anybody in your area, you may come to me to play. other groups

    realestateinvestingincanada, member fee

    self study books : rich dad,poor dad 97 Tips for Canadian Real Estate Investors

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    我在 - 2009年8月5日 16:06