rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race


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留学生也可以投资,先做无需信用,无头款,无报税收入的sandwich lease二房东,

此家除去白住,估计有 $100左右的饭钱,何乐而不为?

A leasing arrangement in which an entity leases property from one party and leases that same property to another party. In this arrangement, the entity is both a lessee and a lessor, so it both pays and collects rent on the same property.

from Aug. 19 to Aug. 24, after  less than 10 showing, you got one  room rented for $450, if you  can get another  room rented, you can live in for free and get  extra $100/month for  food . what a great job! keep it going,nothing can stop you   unless  you stop it  yourself,after a few sandwich lease, you   may   move to next level of  lease first option.tenant rent a  house , spend less than  1 cent, but get $100/month! next year, you can try to buy your first house via lease first option,  spend less than 1 cent ,but  get $$$ each month, plus get a house at the end of lease!—–added on Aug.24,2009

 On Aug 28,2009. Roomate found  collect $875, pay $800,除去白住,有$75的饭钱,Welldone  RLL, Congrtulations on your first Sandwich  Lease  deal  , let us move on to next project.

no money need, no experience need, no English need, no work permit need, no car need, no  fixed time need, just need a brain, just need   a learning brain, no  smart head need,  if you can do it, any student in your college can do, if they have somebody guide them  through.