rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

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2009.09.10 , 9:40AM LTB hearing room D.

blah blah blah ,

call the case number xxxx

I have  the only L4 application, the first to be called in the morning.


Board Ms: your name please? ……I have no authority  to grant your application 9:56  AM

Me:  could you please tell me from which day  we  count  30 days ?

9:57 AM

Board Ms:(look  back to file for 20 seconds),how much did the tenant pay? any deposit …xx,xx,xx,… your application is granted.


out of the hearing room. saw the tenant in  waiting  room.

听证前对有关材料,日期根本没仔细看 .判决草率,仅被要求解答日期计算起始日,便发现刚刚给出的判决不妥,立即又变成完全相反的判决。what  a poor job!

RTA law is not logically correct:

1.Tenants should buy tenant insurance, just like driver drive their car , the driver name must be insured . a car worth a lot, a house worth more, driver may have a chance drive careless and kill others, tenants may burn the houses if careless do cooking,leave the heater, gas on and kill others. why it is required by law any car on the road must be insured but no law require tenants buy tenant insurance?

2.Criminal prosecuted will be filed if somebody steal something from others, tenants abuse RTA and steal money from landlord value more than $5000, no way to prosecute the tenant at criminal court, only at LTB , what a unfair things to landlord.