rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

2009年9月 的存档信息

搞笑的房东房客局 Ms Kxxx

2009.09.10 , 9:40AM LTB hearing room D. blah blah blah , call the case number xxxx I have  the only L4 application, the first to be called in the morning. 9:55AM Board Ms: your name please? ……I have no authority  to grant your application 9:56  AM Me:  could you please tell me from which day  we  count  30 days ? 9:57 AM Board Ms:(look  back … (阅读全文)


刘以栋:解读股市中的”专家”评论 ——————————————————————————–   ——————————————————————————–                              ·刘以栋· 因为财经新闻跟大家的财富相关,所以大家都比较关心市场的变化。新闻媒体为了迎合大家的口味… (阅读全文)

why you can not just learn from the book?

you pay $$$$$   to learn in school for  years, it is not enough. all the formula I learned  or our teacher can teach in real estate investment  is how to evalue a single transaction in a single deal. How ever, my focus is NOT in how  high the return I can get from one deal, my focus is how fast  this deal can help me to reach my goal? growing spe… (阅读全文)


历史由谁书写?–质疑中央电视台 ——————————————————————————–                            作者:尼而言 友人来我家,我正看新闻联播。他笑道,有什么看头?无非是三大块:先是中国领导人很忙,二是中国形势大好,三是外国很乱。最重要的新闻联播没有新闻,中国老百姓关心的事,一概不说。… (阅读全文)


记者:斯洋 新疆首府乌鲁木齐经过连续两天的游行示威后,今天继续实施交通管制,气氛依然紧张。乌鲁木齐官员证实,前天的示威造成至少5人死亡,14人受伤。他们还表示,针筒袭击并非一般刑事案件,是”敌对分子”有预谋的重大恶性案件。 *当局: 针筒袭击是预谋的重大恶性案件* 新疆乌鲁木齐市副市长张鸿星期五证实,9月3号的示威引发冲突,造成至少5人死亡、14人受伤,其中两名是… (阅读全文)