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声援刘晓波,December 10 ,12月10日

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12月10日,我们必须从世界各个角落,传递一个信息给中国政府: 刘晓波先生因为08宪章被判11年徒刑,是绝对没有道理的,不能容忍!



        1 .示威活动:星期五,12月10日下午5:30 - 在中国领事馆

    240 St.George Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5R2P42 送信温家宝,要求释放刘晓波


On December 10 we must, from all corners of the world, deliver a message to the government of China that an 11-year prison sentence is absolutely unjustified and intolerable in the case of LIU Xiaobo who, with Charter 08, peacefully advocates democratic change in China. By giving LIU a Nobel Peace Prize, the Nobel Committee has spoken for the world: LIU is a patriot, not a criminal. We must speak out Friday, December 10, 5:30 pm — CRN Rally at Chinese Consulate; letter to be delivered to WEN Jiabao calling for the release of LIU Xiaobo  

Please send a message to the Chinese Ambassador to Canada demanding that China release Liu Xiaobo and other human rights activists who have been wrongfully imprisoned for speaking out for human rights.

3362 messages have already been sent to Ambassador Zhang Junsai. Click here to view the public listing of messages sent.


To: Chinese Ambassador to Canada His Excellency Zhang Junsai 515 St. Patrick Street Ottawa, ON

Your Excellency,

I wish to express my strong concern about the continued imprisonment of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Liu Xiaobo and other activists who have been imprisoned solely for speaking out for human rights.

I call upon the Chinese government to:

  • immediately and unconditionally release Liu Xiaobo who is a prisoner of conscience;  
  • lift all restrictions on Liu Xia’s freedom of movement;  
  • release all activists who have signed Charter 08, including Liu Xianbin;  
  • cease censoring news about the Nobel Peace Prize and harassing activists celebrating the Prize.