rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

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多伦多夺得2015泛美运动会主办权means more business for TO real estate

多伦多夺得2015泛美运动会主办权! 与多伦多竞争的城市包括秘魯利马,和哥倫比亞的波哥达。 it will boost jobs in  city of Toronto.it will  boost real estate market also.  ———– M c. do not try to do two project at same time any more if your ability is not there yet. be safe. the closing days were delay two times , you are lucky  to get mortgage, … (阅读全文)


百年不遇的大萧条对多伦多房地产的冲击也就是这个样子罢了。 股票市场波动大,风险大,股神做到长线平均25%/year,我等平庸,绝对不敢想在股市上能达到10%/year。多伦多房地产做到10%/year,跟玩似的. 陈,杜,赵买房已成为事实,邵,邓也会这样。you just need  do it, simply. (阅读全文)


M. Chen. do not waste your time doing the cheap   but technical job. this job should leave to gas furnace technician.no need to take any risk , just  try to save $XXX is meanless, you should be   aware of the risk . sorry to see the  deal  death, never  try to do two projects  at same time if your ability  to grow is not that strong. please consi… (阅读全文)

you can also do it

congratulations on Mary Z. to move to real estate pay attention to your location, location,location M. Chen do not try to run two project at same time. (阅读全文)

PH.D Zhao, a new real estate investor

life will forever change. financial freedom  is not just a dream any more. from day 1, step 1, step2,step3, step4, step 5, to step 6, your grow  up  by myside, and now I will let you  run by yourself.  attention all landlord in Ontario, the new   policy of human rights and rental housing in Ontario, it is going to  change  our rental housing !!!!… (阅读全文)

why you need growing speed?

O.G.  what is your real estate investment growing speed? what is your plan in 1 year , 5 year?if you  do not know, I am sorry for you. Q.L 投资者要看中长期增长的速度,10年投资只得5000月现金流的方案,并非最佳的。 重复5年的规划,其后面的5年应当比前5年的额度要大的多。 重点放在现金流的做法是非常短见,最高级的投资人能够投资没有任何现金流的空地,因为现… (阅读全文)

zt :老地主

ZT: 7月中旬,俺老地主有一大房子要出租,一形象高大,举止幽雅,彬彬有礼,身穿黑色长袍头带十字架黑帽的大主教来看俺的房子。俺老地主受宠若惊,早把什么信用报告,收入证明,推荐人等等忘到了九霄云外。此大主教开口就要租两年,并表示要用教堂的名义和俺签和约,并声称长期将租此房为牧师居住所,还带来了整个教堂系统最高领导人(俺不知道算不算教皇)的一封信,让俺好好… (阅读全文)

zt .地下室渗漏水严重霉菌

Chen ,Zhang you  need spend some money on the basement due to 霉菌, everything must be done as soon as possible.you both work in health care system, you do not need to  think about  it    有霉菌的房子买不买 我们是第一次买房者,在看了几个有霉菌(MOLD)的房子后,拿不定主意了。不知道霉菌对我们生活有多大影响,处理起来容易吗? 你们很心细。一般来讲,霉… (阅读全文)


  于建嵘 各位下午好。 我演讲的题目是”让一个和谐的中国走向世界”。 为什么要讲这个问题呢?因为这个演讲会的主题是”新新中国,走向世界”。而什么才是”新新中国”呢?主办方在这个会议筹办时提出了一个命题,就是希望提倡民众要”不抱怨”,甚至还想在中国推动一个什么”不抱怨”的运动。对此,我心中充满了疑虑。 在我看来,我们今天要特别关注的问题,不是民众可不可以抱怨的问… (阅读全文)

搞笑的房东房客局 Ms Kxxx

2009.09.10 , 9:40AM LTB hearing room D. blah blah blah , call the case number xxxx I have  the only L4 application, the first to be called in the morning. 9:55AM Board Ms: your name please? ……I have no authority  to grant your application 9:56  AM Me:  could you please tell me from which day  we  count  30 days ? 9:57 AM Board Ms:(look  back … (阅读全文)