rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

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why you can not just learn from the book?

you pay $$$$$   to learn in school for  years, it is not enough. all the formula I learned  or our teacher can teach in real estate investment  is how to evalue a single transaction in a single deal. How ever, my focus is NOT in how  high the return I can get from one deal, my focus is how fast  this deal can help me to reach my goal? growing spe… (阅读全文)

祝贺 congratulations

房地产做得好的,哪里都可以赚钱,什么时候都可以赚钱; 做得不好,无论在哪里做,无论何时做都可能亏本。 you must get  real estate investment educated, or trained, guided by  your mentor,coach. 祝贺 Congratulations! Chen, Zhang Congratulations on your  first property ! if you try  it hard, you can get your 2nd  property next year and enjoy much of you… (阅读全文)


留学生也可以投资,先做无需信用,无头款,无报税收入的sandwich lease二房东, 此家除去白住,估计有 $100左右的饭钱,何乐而不为? A leasing arrangement in which an entity leases property from one party and leases that same property to another party. In this arrangement, the entity is both a lessee and a lessor, so it both pays and collects rent on the … (阅读全文)


 如山 (2009年7月28日) 房地产的未来趋势是一个不好谈,但又是我们十分关心的话题。从理论基础而言,我不如CND的房地产线上和投坛上的很多人。我不是”名人”,也不是做理论或者预测有关的工作为生,所以预测错也完全没有负担。我没有做过多少理论研究,就从我作为一个全职房地产商人的角度来说一下我的想法和做法吧。请专家与行家指正。 1.全美房地产市场概况 根据 S &… (阅读全文)


an Absorption Rate  above 35% causes prices to SHOOT up!  prices are going to shoot up this fall.  Absorption Rate July/09   sold 9,951   60% 您的公寓升值让您高兴,可惜换房不应这样。您买房的成本将加大,都等一年了, 少挣几万您都不知道! (阅读全文)

how can I afford it?

1.when your children ask you to stay in Hotel, do not say : we can not afford it, always  use the best brain wash  : how can we afford it? some time children can force you to invest , as you need make  good money for your children’s better life.  2. make a plan, in 5 years, own 3 properties  is super easy to  do. make a bit   higher  target for y… (阅读全文)


what is you plan if you have 5 Million yuan in bank  when your business is in China?you better find a safe place! 记者:萧洵 被中国媒体称为”间谍门”的力拓案牵扯出中国钢铁业、乃至更广泛的经商环境中存在的腐败现象。中国有报道将腐败乱象推到跨国企业头上,而更多的西方媒体和学者看到,中国体制上的缺陷导致了腐败蔓生,并迫使西方公司就范。 中国有”入乡随俗”的… (阅读全文)

房地产风 险的大小

多伦多房地产风 险的大小。 1.资产负债率LTV。 100%为高,90%较高,80%中等,75%低,65%很低,50%无。 2.现金流DCR: 收租还贷比: 0.9 为高,1.0中,1.1低,1.3很低,1.5无。 3. 地段:   差地段为高, 普通地段为中 ,好地段为低. 4. 投资者级别:初级投资者为高,中级别为中,高级投资者为低. 5. 投资对象:工商业为高,多单元宅群为中,普通民宅为低. 6. 多伦多房… (阅读全文)


人最大的悲哀莫过于心已死. 不想学不愿学,老老实实打工吧。 一念之差,打工就要多打30年的工. 世上没有更倔强的人,你真糊涂. 看到身边老乡,看着一个两个的人一个接一个买,看看提早退休的人,有何必要跟你解释?6%回报算个啥? 夫妻需要齐心协力才能做好投资房地产的事 . ——————————————————————– ·蔡 铮· 那天天气很好,我拿了手… (阅读全文)


we feel sad when you phoned me, your voice  is full of sadness ,you need to recover a bit from the loss of your dear father.however, you must be very strong to deal your property investment. 1.sell the low cash flow APT , buy a similar price house   with a bigger cash flow(learn from Du). 2.sell the current house, move  to a  duplex (learn from L… (阅读全文)