rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

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the dead of US dollar

美国的惨是因为同时有四个不同的crisis, with regular scheduled crisis for the next thirty years (social security,med care)美国的obligation 是 50 to 60T, 但是美国完全没有钱, 这些是国内obligation. 美国的obligation要fund, 要70%的联邦税, 还不算州的obligation, 基本上是破产了, 唯一的办法就是大幅下调living standard, increase tax.下半年会blood all over the… (阅读全文)

ZT FP Housing’s bottom is in sight,,房市的曙光

Housing’s bottom is in sight: lender Home Capital; But economists say the market is still falling Jamie Sturgeon, Financial Post Published: Wednesday, February 18, 2009 Canada’s big banks may be hurting from the reduced demand for new mortgages, but at least one alternative lender says it sees a bottoming in the housing market and is benefitting … (阅读全文)

zt:Robert Kiyosaki get rich , stay rich ,now is the time to position yourself for riches.

Posted on Tuesday, May 27, 2008, 12:00AM I’ve been on television recently discussing the U.S. financial crisis. These shows often feature a panel of so-called financial experts who rarely agree with each other. The reason their advice is different is simply because each expert speaks to a different segment of the population.Giving Credit For exam… (阅读全文)


2月16日讯 正当奥巴马政府竭力说服国会推行其8000亿经济刺激计划之时,大部分美国民众或许还没有意识到,联邦政府的债务总额已经高达65.5万亿美元,而这一数字甚至超过了世界年生产总值。据世界网络日报的报道,即使不算本次经济刺激计划中新增的社会福利开支,美国政府未来所需偿还的全部债务–包括社会保障和医疗福利等开支在内–早已让美国陷于破产境地。 美国财政部发布的… (阅读全文)

why this house sold supper fast

C01, 2 1/2  5 bed, 2 wash, semi, all brick ,76 Do. sold in 1 day. you  need act immidiatly in hours  to get it. you may be too late when your agent email you or call you. as investor, your realtor broker is your eyes, you   need see any chance  as soon as it show up. sorry  for all of my friends that lost this super deal.  a good deal is  there e… (阅读全文)

砍价的 艺术

陈,张 如果430000想拿下. 1 .410000 2009-02-10 2. 420000 2009-02-16 3. 425000 2009-02-23 4. 430000 别担心:验屋师抢你的房. 定性的说:该房子是超值, 定量的说,超多少?看该区的统计平均值.MPAC的统计平均值高中低,区最低.$25小费用! 每月要你下两个偶发的话, 你应该会下了.10 个中有3个接受, 1个最后完成就好了. 你上班能比退休更轻松? (阅读全文)

want to save $15000! easy or not easy?

验 屋 后,按合同 价格96%成定局. 489千2008-08–15 444.9 2008-11-16 439.9 2008-11-26 419 200812 398 2009-01 395—–380  经纪老是说这不可能,那不可能,最后全都可能.砍价!,藕粉时 砍 ,藕粉后砍,经纪完全不懂 砍的艺术 . (阅读全文)

the World Economic Forum rankedCanada’s banking system the healthiest in the world.

In 2008, the World Economic Forum rankedCanada’s banking system the healthiest in the world.America’s ranked 40th, Britain’s 44th. Canada has done more than survive this financial crisis. The country is positively thriving in it. Canadian banks are well capitalized and poised to take advantage of opportunities that American and European banks can… (阅读全文)


周日 :cash flow 101 board game. 平时:不拘地点。 目的:学习,交流。 费用:免费玩,免费停车,免费厨房。 时间:1小时或玩到你出了老鼠赛跑。 leave  message here (阅读全文)


在中国也好在加国也好。炒股发财了都是好事,值得庆贺。 相比之下,如果能发财,又能对社区,对社会有供献,那就更好。交地税也是公民的义务,多装修也是对经济的贡献。 股票市场,外汇不是从来就有,也不一定永远存在。 房子,特别是加国多市房子,从有人住在此便有,将来也会存在,经济好,坏,利率高低,航海时代,汽车,航空,科技时代都要住房。孩子们耳濡目染学会如何投… (阅读全文)