rat race

retire 早early ,retire 富裕rich 假如 you are out of rat race

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老李做了一全面,仔细的验屋,除了检查车房犯了一错外,大致专业。 前屋主装修是违例的,安全有隐患。热风管要重做,6000, 二楼冲浪浴缸无溢流管要重做600-800 ,无漏电保护专用回路,500 楼梯台阶200-500 两护栏1000 扶手1000 护墙 1000 地下去水,防洪地楼100—2000. 窗户井 1000 供水3000 防风门,纱门窗1300 二楼弹跳地面。100-2000 其余小修与不可预见的修理???。 据此… (阅读全文)

赵:只能买45 万或以内?没理由。看一下信用分,想法提高。消去不用的6张,留2张足已。 张:不要怕,大胆下藕粉。有后盾。 (阅读全文)


1:wrong:at this time of 9PM, how can you expect I can call some  inspectors and come tomorrow 11AM to do home inspection? correct way should be: OK,I can try my best to find somebody,but not  sure if I can get hold of them, if you can find one from your side, it will be perfect. you are  here  to help to made the deal go through easy, you are not… (阅读全文)


1.平均房价下降 8%= 你买的房下降8%? 我不能买低于市价16%的房? 2.如果每年平均房价下降1% 15 年, 又15年平均房价不变,再15年平均房价升0.01%,你都不投资45 年? 3.投资房地产的回报只有来自房价升值吗?每月挣来的实实在在的正向现金流不算回报的一部份?45年或25年将魔鬼鸡供掉了算不算回报? 4.从买一个房开始投资到每年买n个房,投资能力的自动扩大,无法用普通的百… (阅读全文)


多伦多地产商会(Toronto Real Estate Board)周四提供的数据表明,大多区今年1月份重售房屋交易量为2,670宗,而去年同期为5,075宗,单月交易量比1年前下跌47%,有关交易的平均售价则由374,449元降至343,632元,平均售价则下跌8%。另一方面,租房市场则较为火热,仅通过地产经纪促成的租盘成交量就飙升30%:去年第四季共有3,433个共管柏文单位及镇屋单位通过地产经纪租出,高于… (阅读全文)

do not feel too bad, everyday above ground is great day!

Most people never get wealthy simply because they are not trained financially to recognize opportunities right in front of them. Y. W. you can give up something, but do not give up  your original goal! you want to have better life, you want to help others get better life in Canada, you did it before around  13 years, why not  try it now and do it… (阅读全文)

are you advisor ?

Do you make more money on your investments or through being an advisor? if you are not just an advisor, we want to hear from you. if you are are professional accountant that has   a lot of real estate investment, we want to hear from you. if you are   professional mortgage broker that has a lot of real estate investment, we want to hear from you…. (阅读全文)

go , li , go

li: Glad your first project  is very good, if you pay attention to some  area which you can improve, your cash on cash  return  will not   stay  at  a bit higher than 10%. 1.your downpayment should not be that high, close to 40% , you can add HELOC to pull  some cash  out. 2.you waste some time which  you can  improve a lot on our next project, n… (阅读全文)


牛年牛经鸡的牛话! 1.if  I  know you offer this price, we would not have to waste our time!下藕粉时居然用此语! 她listing   $3++,000, offer 360,000   bank power sale, detached, 2 ST,3卧3卫两厨 地下分门单元2800SF LoT, 好区近湖边公园。半年多未卖掉,从487,000》》446000》》439000》41++++》》》3+++++ 无论如何,顾客听此语不悦,听说过一个词汇:谈判?… (阅读全文)


杨: 市场走向对我们的投资有多大影响? 对于使用买入并持有技巧的投资人,我们当然欢迎稳定或缓慢下降的市场,连续多年的上涨已使得我们的购买成本增加,收入并不能以同样的速度(2009 租金上涨限幅仅为1.8%),获得正向现金流的难度越来越大。 2009 年利息下降,房价或有下降,租金上升,投资获正向现金流的难度变小,对于初级投资人而言,正是绝对的入市机会。不要理睬房价… (阅读全文)