045Going to Muskoka

little pony - 2012年12月8日 - 3,630 浏览

My family went to Muskoka for 4 days. We went there because my dad was sick of me yelling to go somewhere before school. When my mom heard that her face drooped down because all she want to do is sit at home. So as I said we are going to Muskoka this is what we did on that day. We were suppose to leave and go to muskoka at ten-o-clock but my pare… (阅读全文)

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044The most talented child ever

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Now I will tell you who the most talented child  in the world is .Have you guessed who it is, if you didn’t I will tell you. Are you ready? Ok now let me get ready. OK here goes the most talented child in the world is me. I will tell you why I’m so talented. First of all I always get good marks on a test and my report card and I’m a pro at every … (阅读全文)

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042A visit to ottawa

little pony - 2011年3月10日 - 560 浏览

INTROCTIONWe went to Ottawa on Feb 18th, and came back on Feb 21st. We were planning to go to the Rideau Canal and the Winterlude activities. We wanted to go to the Rideau Canal every day but the day we got there was too warm so the ice is not strong enough for people to skate on, so we had to wait until the next day.FIRST PARAGRAPHIn the morning… (阅读全文)

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041Visting Pioneer Village

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Several days ago Ms. Alexander told us that we were going to pioneer village. I was very excited when I heard that report. I waited for a long time and finally the day is here. Today I woke up early, ate breakfast, packed my lunch and ran to school with my grandpa. When I got to school, I saw all of my friends were so excited and jumped like craz… (阅读全文)

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040Picking Apples

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Now that it is Fall, the apples are ready to be picked. My parents took my brotherand I to an “Apple Festival” at a farm. There were rolls of hay bills on top of each other, a playground and some little houses to play in. After my brother, my Mom and I played Three Little Pigs inside the houses we decided to ride the tractor to pick apples. As th… (阅读全文)

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038Fireworks at the park

little pony - 2010年7月3日 - 4,120 浏览

Yesterday was Canada day and at 9:30 there was fireworks at the park. I went at 8:30 and I waited for almost an hour!Then I was getting cold so we decieded to go home.But when we were just about to go home we saw fireworks at last and my friends Meiyu and Angelo. Meiyu brought her own fireworks and Angelo’s mom and dad made it work.We were there … (阅读全文)

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little pony - 2010年5月29日 - 434 浏览

Our school is having a fund raising program by selling chocolate. My mom didn’t let me because I was too young. That evening I went to the park to play and I saw Angelo and his mom there, and he had a box of chocolate to sell. I wanted to sell with him so I did. We went door to door, I rang the door bell, he did the talking. We sold 23 bars in on… (阅读全文)

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036Going to the Farm on Easter Day

little pony - 2010年4月5日 - 663 浏览

We went to the Champpel Farm on Friday.It was a sunny and bright morning.There were lots of activities:egg hunting,bike riding, face painting and animal feeding.Before we hunted for chocolate eggs we had to line up and wait for the signal.When we were waiting we saw two easter bunny throwing the chocolate eggs in the grass,then all the kids went … (阅读全文)

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032Have Fun in The Snow

little pony - 2010年2月28日 - 779 浏览

Yesterday the snow was really thick, my mom,my brother and me made two HUGE snowmen.One was as tall as me and the other was taller than me. My mom helped me with the big one because I can’t reach that high.It was really hard lifting the second snowball and rolling the first.When I was rolling a snow ball my mom took lots of pictures of me.My mom … (阅读全文)

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029Toronto Zoo

little pony - 2010年2月21日 - 268 浏览

I went to Toronto Zoo with my family yesterday.Our first stop was where the Rhinos and Tapears are and when I got closer to them I can’t even believe my nose they were so stinky I couldn’t even breathe!Then we visited the tigers, and in the cage there were two of them, one growling and one sleeping and they aren’t as stinky as the Rhino and the T… (阅读全文)

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