"Apps, make iPhone Smart? " 英语手记

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 Charles, a friend of mine owns a Telus dealershop. I liked his smiles. What he said recently really, really, stunned  me, and almost made me crazy about iPhones. Modern technology, goes generation to generation, grow faster than kids do, called new versions, new devices coming never end, so fast a speed you could never imagine.  

So, ready yet, for your new devices? Only at beginning of this year, I was testing something from “Map-point” on my loved iBM x40 and get a $89 Gps receiver to guide me doing my daily job, that put me hours driving on the road, …

This is something called, post-PC,..” he begins this way….his words really shocked me inside.

Now, it’s times we save, cost, cost, and cost, paper maps? Cost me $10 each small town almost, I looked at hiis smiling face, speaking to myself,..

Applications! Most people in the field are looking for applications, APPs now, as it ithey called it this way. These are stuffs that people’re looking for, something get job done.

Some times Apps are more important than your handsets, it puts value in in your hands, in your everyday life, and gives you time, but make you busy typing, swiping, or touching. The creative Tiny-Mini soft-wares,  I called it this way,…

So, I found this App that navigates my car, a little too late for James, a computer store owner James Str. Hamilton.

He is behind the wheel, now for his vacation to east coast with a laptop, as he proudly told me a day before.

Gps in Car become easy, I am going to give it test this road-trip up there in north. and most of all, this is only one of the 450,000 applications you get from this tiny-piece of machine. i 峰报告

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