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“Goodbye, Green Business”

Starting Dec. 1, 2011, is changing the way it publishes news about companies that make money supporting the environment or damaging it. We are saying goodbye to the Green Business section.

Reuters will continue to bring you the clean economy news you need to know. Our top-notch team of correspondents around the world will continue to cover issues like the Keystone XL pipeline, the solar trade war with China and the Durban U.N. Conference on Climate Change. The biggest stories, as always, will appear on our homepage, like those about plummeting carbon prices. But we will not be packaging green business stories on their own real estate any longer, and we will not be showcasing news by our esteemed editorial partners including Matter Network, InsideClimate News and

Stories about energy will be published here, and those about environmental policy and climate change can be found here. And Reuters online editor Carla Tonelli can still be found on twitter (@carla_tonelli).

One of the goals of the sustainability movement is to integrate its objectives into all facets of business. In this light, is ahead of the game as we enter a time when solar panel companies are mainstream enough to be on the regular business page and not siphoned off to a private green niche.

Of course, green companies, technology and economies are not going away. At we embrace this opportunity to bring the business of the environment into the fold of the rest of the site, and welcome you to continue your dialogue with us as we branch out to yet another new chapter.

Goodbye, Green Business | Environment Forum